Adoption Consultant

Adoption Consultant: Sometimes referred to as "Facilitators." This term can be used to refer to anyone who helps match birthparents with adoptive parents, or who assists in the actual placement of a child with adoptive parents. The more common and specific use of this term, however, is to refer to someone who makes it his or her private business to facilitate adoptions. Adoption consultants cannot legally operate in most states, that is, if they charge or receive any compensation for their services. Although in some situations, an adoption consultant could be a licensed attorney, or a licensed adoption caseworker, the legal rights and protections that come with that licensing status could be lost if the consulting activities take place outside of the legal jurisdiction where they are actually licensed. Generally, this term will not apply to individuals like doctors, nurses and members of the clergy who may assist in adoption placements without compensation as an occasional and incidental part of providing their regular professional services.