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This wiki is a collaborative effort to create the world’s most helpful knowledge base about adoption. We are a community of knowledge philanthropists who freely share, organize, and create information to help others. Like Wikipedia, in this adoption wiki, anyone can submit a page or an edit to an existing page. Because this wiki can be edited by anyone, the content is constantly changing. Recent changes are reviewed by moderators who can revert poor edits.

About Adoption


Adoption is a legal process in which parental rights to a child (whose biological parents' parental rights have been severed) are bestowed on adopting parents, creating a parent-child relationship where one did not previously exist. This section also includes information on the impact of adoption on adoptive parents, adoptees, and birth parents, as well as sections on where to start if you're interested in adoption or what to do if you're pregnant and considering adoption. See the Adoption page here.

Adoption Celebrations


Adoption provides myriad opportunities to celebrate, from "Gotcha Day"-- for commemorating the day your child came to live you-- to "Birth Mother's Day"-- an opportunity to express gratitude for your child's first mother-- and beyond. See all Adoption Celebrations pages.

Adoption Celebrities


Millions of people all over the world, both past and present, have been touched by adoption-- and famous people are no exception!

Our directory includes movie stars (like Richard Burton and Angelina Jolie), politicians (Andrew Jackson and Gerald R. Ford), monarchs (Karl XIV Johan and Catherine I), entrepreneurs (Dave Thomas), musicians (Harry Belafonte and Johann Sebastian Bach), writers (Kurt Vonnegut and John Keats), and more. You can browse through the list of Adoption Celebrities by narrowing it down to how the celebrity has been touched by adoption...or you can scroll through the entire directory. You might be surprised at who you find! See all Adoption Celebrities pages.

Adoption Glossary

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The world of adoption has a lexicon all its own. We define everything for you from "apostille" to "filiation" to "orphan" to "revocation" and beyond. You can search for a specific term or simply browse through the list. See all Glossary pages.

Adoption History


There are many different topics included in this section, from Adoption Legislation History to Orphan Train History. Visit this page for a history lesson of adoption through the years. See all Adoption History pages.

Adoption in Entertainment


Do you wonder how to share with others what it's like to be touched by adoption? We created this wiki page to help you find entertainment genres like Films, Books, Poems, TV Shows and more that can assist you in sharing your story with others. See all Adoption in Entertainment pages.

Adoption Laws in the United States


Every state has its own adoption laws. Our Wiki contains a comprehensive collection of state laws that addresses everything from pre-placement requirements to laws regarding search and reunion. If you are adopting from another state, remember that you'll be subject to the adoption laws in both your own state and the "sending" state. See all U.S. Adoption Laws pages.

Adoption Parenting


Now that you have adopted a child and life is beginning to settle down, you may find your thoughts moving to the future. When shall I tell my child that s/he is adopted? How will s/he feel about it? At what point will s/he want more information? What will s/he want to know from me? How can I help my child feel comfortable about being adopted? See all Adoption Parenting pages

Adoption Statistics


Explore statistics about foster care, international adoption, maltreatment, adoption disruptions and dissolutions and about those who are seeking adoption. See Adoption Statistics page.

Adoption Quotes


There are hundreds of inspirational quotes regarding adoption to be found in this section. See Adoption Quotes page.

Affording Adoption


There are ways to make adoption affordable on any budget. Review resources available to help you afford your adoption, including an adoption tax credit, information about adoption grants and adoption loans, guidance about adoption fundraising, and more. See all Affording Adoption pages.

International Adoption


Interested in international adoption? Hoping to learn more about the laws and procedures involved in adopting from each country? Our wiki contains information about adopting from 189 countries around the world. See all International Adoption pages.



Pull your child close and sing her a lullaby. Can't remember all the words? We're here to help, with a directory of the world's most popular lullabies. See all Lullabies pages.



We have all kinds of information and tips that will help you through your journey. From learning the signs of pregnancy to learning about how to take care of your body after birth, you can find it here. See all Pregnancy pages.

Special Needs

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This section explores some common disabilities and disorders, along with topics like Abuse and Neglect, Sexual Abuse, and Attachment disorders. See all Special Needs pages.