Alan Seymour and Adoption

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Seymour is a playwright and author, born in Perth, Australia and orphaned at 9 years old, having lost his father in a wharf accident. He then lived with his sister May and her husband, Alfred Chester Cruthers. After leaving school at 15 years old, he started working at a radio station as a broadcaster.

While working at the radio station, he started working on several short radio plays, which were broadcasted live.

After two years Seymour moved to Sydney to work as an advertising copywriter, and then he moved back to Perth to be a freelance copywriter for ABC radio. His sister May died in November of 1949, after which he moved back to Sydney and later became the theatrical director for the Sydney Opera Group.

His plays include The One Day of the Year, Swamp Creatures, and Break in the Music. [1]

After several years, he moved to London, England and worked as a successful television writer and producer. His more well-known works include The Potato Factory (2000), Sara Dane (1982) and The Dirtwater Dynasty (1988). [2]


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