Martin Rowson and Adoption

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Rowson's birth mother was an unmarried woman, and his father was an unmarried Canadian architecture student. He would not marry her, so she was forced to place him for adoption. Two previous children had been taken by their grandparents to be raised; a later fourth child was also adopted by "strangers." Rowson's adoptive mother died when he was 10.

In 2000 he obtained his original birth certificate and discovered that there were another seven brothers: an American serviceman was the father of all seven, and had married his mother after the first one was born. They emigrated to California. One sister had already been tracing and had left a letter with his adoption agency, which enabled him to contact her, and he has (as of mid-2001) met two brothers. Their birth mother had died some years before. He has found that although he has striking physical similarities to his siblings, his religion and politics are poles apart, but they are still glad to have found each other.


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