Multi-Ethnic Placement Act of 1994

Multi-Ethnic Placement Act of 1994: This Federal Act, which was enacted in 1994, is found in P.L. 103-382 [42 USC 622], and prohibits the delay or denial of any adoption or placement in foster care due to the race, color, or national origin of the child or of the foster or adoptive parents, and requires States to provide for diligent recruitment of potential foster and adoptive families who reflect the ethnic and racial diversity of children for whom homes are needed. The 1996 amendment to the Act, which can be found in Section 1808 of P.L. 104-188, is known as the "Removal of Barriers to Interethnic Adoption Act," and further affirms the prohibition against delaying or denying the placement of a child for adoption or foster care on the basis of race, color or national origin of the foster or adoptive parents or of the child involved [42 USC 1996b].