Pregnancy Week 41

You are more powerful than you know; you are beautiful just as you are. --Melissa Etheridge


What happens to you?

Don't be concerned if you haven't delivered by your due date. You're not alone! Many women don't deliver until after their due date. The calculation of the due date is an approximation only.

You will be seeing your healthcare provider more often in the last month. Some will want to do some testing, such as a non-stress test to ensure baby is still doing well.

Extra rest is very important, so schedule a nap or rest during the day, whether you feel tired or not.

What happens to the baby?

Don't worry about the baby if you are a bit overdue. The average first time mother will go more than four days past her due date. Remember that the due date is often a guess.

Your doctor or midwife will still be monitoring you and the baby for the proper growth, fetal movements, and signs of labor.

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