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  • ...ractices healing in a village near Brecon, Wales, working with both people and animals. [[Category: Medicine and Allied Professions]]
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  • ...'The Amsterdam Esnoga'' was considered the mother synagogue by the Spanish and Portuguese Jews—1680 painting by Emanuel de Witte.'''<br />Source: Wikipe '''Spanish religious leader and physician'''
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  • ...a daily slot on television since 1985, and she also has a daily radio slot and has produced a number of fitness videos. She was voted the number one femal She was orphaned at an early age and was fostered or adopted by a family with nine other children. She frequentl
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  • ...ers, Parent & Child: Getting through to Each Other, Your School-Age Child, and Making Sense of Your Teenager. ...doptee]] and on the Board of Directors of Adoptive Families of America. He and his wife are also [[Foster Parents|foster parents]].
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  • ...ather died when he was eight and his mother sent him and his four brothers and sisters away to be raised by relatives. He was away for 10 years. ...hington]] State. He and his wife were not very successful as missionaries, and in time transferred their attention to assisting white settlement in the ar
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  • ...In 1862, after the [[Minnesota]] Sioux uprising he escaped with his uncle and grandmother into Manitoba, to avoid white reprisals. His father, Many Ligh ...o school in the Dakota Territory. For the next 17 years he attended school and college, eventually graduating from Boston University Medical School.
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  • '''Ngai Tahu-Te Ati Aawa ([[New Zealand]] Maori) doctor and administrator''' ...he 11th of 12 children, and was given to his father's cousin Harirota Eyes and her husband as a [[Tamaiti Whangai|tamaiti whangai]] as a baby. His birth p
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  • ...he left his father, who was unable to afford to educate the brilliant boy, and fostered by a better-off family. ...1 he returned to the Yavapai people, found the remnants of his own family, and in 1906 helped them in their legal fight to keep their lands, which were un
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