Resources for More Information About Open Adoption

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This information was taken directly from Child Welfare Information Gateway

Openness in adoption can provide a child or youth with valuable connections to his or her past. No single open arrangement, however, is right for everyone. As with any relationship, there may be bumps and challenges along the way in the relationships between birth and adoptive families. Moreover, these relationships are likely to evolve and change over time. Through careful consideration of options, a clear child-focused approach, and a strong commitment to making it work, you can decide what level of openness is right for your family.

Resources for More Information

Adoptive Families Magazine [1]

American Adoption Congress

Child Welfare Information Gateway

Insight: Open Adoption Resources and Support

Minnesota/Texas Adoption Research Project (MTARP)

Open Adoption Bloggers

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Child Welfare Information Gateway. (2013). Openness in adoption: Building relationships between adoptive and birth families. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Children’s Bureau.