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Unstoppable: Pat Lee’s Love for Children Results in the Creation of an Adoption Agency

The agency has enabled her to make a difference in the lives of over 1800 children.

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Crowdfunding Aids Hopeful Adoptive Families

One answer to rising adoption costs.

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Nicholas is a 13-year-old boy from Florida who is hoping to be adopted.

Nicholas, who goes by Nick, is also a very handsome young man who takes after his big brother. Nick is at...more

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After Being Adopted Separately, South Korean Twins Reunite

How would you react to finding out you have a twin?

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I don

I feel very troubled after a trigger lately. When I was seventeen I gave birth to a girl my parents ... more
by Jade31 / 24 days ago
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New York Couple Requests Disruption

The couple claims the agency they used lied to them about the children's medical history.

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Kansas Adoption Permanency Project Aims to Screen for Trauma and Assist Children in Foster Care

The program aims to bring about more positive outcomes for children and their adoptive families.


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adoptee looking to bmom perpective

so I don't know my whole background, but what i do know, I will give to you, maybe you can make a little ... more
by samham90 / 28 days ago