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Pennsylvania Laws Make Pre-Adoption Contracts Possible

These contracts will help ensure that children are able to maintain ties to their birth families.

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The First Letter from my Birth Mother

“I felt adoption was right the moment I heard the word 'abortion'.”

Photolisting / Texas  


Kerwin is a 11-year-old boy from Texas who is hoping to be adopted.

Kerwin can be described as king of the geek squad. He is very smart and is an excellent student. He ...more

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What if the “Up” couple had adopted?

A fun fan video explores the possibility.


Unplanned Pregnancy Support  

Wonder what it feels like to be adopted?

We would love you to experience our strengths, hopes, and journeys. Please visit [url]www.facebook.... more
by AdopteeInRecovery / 23 hours ago
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Miracles Occurred When This Mom Chose Adoption, Not Abortion

Every year in America, four out of ten pregnancies end in abortion. For every child that is adopted, there are 36 more families waiting to adopt.

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Adoption On Hit TV Shows: Nashville

When media portrays adoption in a very real way.


Considering Your Options  

the selfish choice?

I never wanted to be a mother. I didn't dream about it. I never wished for it. And short of avoiding ... more
by Akinna / 19 days ago
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