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Adoptee / Video 

What if the “Up” couple had adopted?

A fun fan video explores the possibility.

Adopt a Baby / Article 

Miracles Occurred When This Mom Chose Adoption, Not Abortion

Every year in America, four out of ten pregnancies end in abortion. For every child that is adopted, there are 36 more families waiting to adopt.

Photolisting / Virginia  


Kamaria is a 12-year-old girl from Virginia who is hoping to be adopted.

Kamaria is a young lady with very clear goals, including college and a career, and wants a family that...more

Adoption Buzz / Article 

Adoption On Hit TV Shows: Nashville

When media portrays adoption in a very real way.


Considering Your Options  

the selfish choice?

I never wanted to be a mother. I didn't dream about it. I never wished for it. And short of avoiding ... more
by Akinna / 16 days ago
Adoptee / News 

Ohio Adoption Reform Focuses on the Children

The law is aimed at giving the best chance of stability to children.

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Birth Mother Stories / Video 

Advice from a Young Birth Mother

To teenagers who find themselves pregnant and birth mothers who have recently placed.


I Chose Adoption  

I don

I feel very troubled after a trigger lately. When I was seventeen I gave birth to a girl my parents ... more
by Jade31 / 2 months ago
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