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Photolisting / Texas  


Octavius is a 9-year-old boy from Texas who is hoping to be adopted.

Octavius is an active, sweet boy. He loves school and does really well academically. He usually ...more

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Adopt a Baby / Video 

Adoption Day Montages

Video montages of adoption always warm my heart.


Birth Mothers Support  

new to the group

Hi everyone I'm Brenda!... Not sure how active this group is but I found it a few weeks ago and thought ... more
by Brendy2006 / 24 days ago
4 Reunion / Article 

A Final Letter to my Birth Father

After three months of silence, it was my last ditch effort to meet my half-siblings with his blessing.

5 International / Article 

“I Am Adoption” Pinterest Photo Contest Winner Announced

Our hearts were captured by Baby Michael's sweet smile during a tender moment with his daddy.


Unplanned Pregnancy Support  

Wonder what it feels like to be adopted?

We would love you to experience our strengths, hopes, and journeys. Please visit [url]www.facebook.... more
by AdopteeInRecovery / 25 days ago
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