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Children Know…

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You can look in their eyes, and see by the pain,
They’ve sailed some rough seas, and suffered in vain;
Their spirits are broken, their faith totally shattered,
And given up hope, their little lives mattered!

They’ve been on the front-lines, like soldiers of war,
Fought endless battles, with no chance to score;
There were no medals of honor, pinned on their chests,
And no way to escape, life’s toughest of tests!

They’ve carried their burdens, without speaking to others,
For the ‘weight’, is their own, fathers and mothers;
They’ve hungered far more, than there ever was cause,
Yet accepted their fate, with little more than a pause!

So remember, when one of these ‘soldiers’, are given to you,
They’ll fight against everything that you try to do;
But be persistent, don’t quit, just stick to your plan,
For the child in the “soldier”, will seek your gentle hand!

Slowly their minds, and their spirits will mend,
When they are secure, that you’re their friend;
And that is the greatest gift, you could ever bestow.
For when you give from the heart, all children know!

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