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He says his life is in ruins and is full of despair,
He says his mum and dad don’t love him,
And they never showed him they care,
He tells me he still loves them

He asks me to tell him “what did he do wrong”
I tell he did nothing,
I try to make him strong,
I hold him in my arms until he falls asleep.

I show him that we love him and this is his new home,
He just wants us to leave him,
He can’t cope with the unknown,
He sits alone in his room until I call him for dinner.

His mum and dad don’t call him, they promised that they would,
I tell him we’ll go out and have some fun,
He tells me I am stupid and would leave here if he could,
I tell him we just need him here and would like it if he stayed.

He wants to say he loves me but is scared of what to say,
He’s scared of rejection,
I take his hand and tell him “I’ll be glad to show you the way”
With pride I now see him, with confidence anew.
Now I look at him, no longer that scared little boy,
But a young man who fills my heart with love pride and joy…

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