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China Journey

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What was given to them they passed on to me
A gift of warmth, caring, and love
Together made a family.

I thought I’d go on through this life, just one
Then something started to grow
A sense of something undone.

I realized what was missing was a child of my own
A collage of sunshine and laughter
Seeing friends with their children helped me set the tone.

But I knew I was beyond the point of actually giving birth
And I knew so many were without parents
Living in different places all over this earth.

The red thread was tangled and I couldn’t see
As it straightened, my vision slowly cleared
And I followed its lead.

My child was across the ocean, many miles away
In a land rich with wonder and beauty
The oldest civilization, some even say.

So my journey finally started with a direction known
I’m coming to get you Katie, to bring you home
And what I will give you was passed on to me
Warmth, caring, and love, together a family.

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