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If you are still around please email me!
Amanda, i was curious if you know anything about adoptions from 1973? Roloff holmes.
Sounds like my mom im not good at texting if u would like to talk too me heres my number is 8125534543 angela is my name
Hello Aaron my name is Autumn Price, I was asked by a family member of mine to look for lost family and I've come up on you. I sent an attachment I'm not sure if you've got it. My email is autumnbrook...
Hi, im writing to you today because ever since I was 12 years old I have been trying to look for my birth father. Im 23 years old now and yet have no clue on how to find him, he was born september, 19...
Hello, I was born in Pinellas County, Florida on August 21, 1994. I think my birth mother is named Jennifer. I was with her until age two. I was then adopted by the Donovan family from Georgia. I wou...
Hi, Wondering if you ever found your birth family. My husband was also born at St. John's in Yonkers, almost 1 year after you, and adopted through Family & Children's Services in Stamford. We have jus...
I was born 03-13-1970 foster care through LSS for 2 weeks...Any chance you had a baby girl with that birthdate?
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