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I'm devastated and desperately needing a dissolution. I adopted my son 5 years ago when he was 9. He has struggled so much with behavior. He is now charged with rape of 2 of ny grandchildren. He's c...
Please help! Trying to adopt a little girl with downs in Ukraine. Told today we may likely be disqualified for a former dissolution of an adoption... we have adopted six beautiful, healthy children in...
Please advise about trying to adopt in Ukraine after a dissolution.we have a little girl with Down syndrome we would like to adopt... So distressed! ...already started process then told we may be di...
Hello I was wanting to get info on dissolution of adoption as well
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Please friend me so I can message you. In a similar situation as you were in and desperate for help...
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Anyone there?
Hi Linny! I’m a writer in New York researching a story on transracial adoptions, and I was taken by your experiences. Would you be willing to chat?
Anand Giridharadas / email:
Hi Linny, we are considering using Angel Adoptions. Could you please let me know about your experience with them?
Hi Linny, I have been on this site a few times over the past few months, and noticed you seem helpful to families with adoption dissolution issues. We have a daughter, adopted internationally, who w...
hi would like to also chat with you regarding you experience with dissolution. _Mary
Hi Linny,
I saw that you've used or have info on Angel Adoption Inc. My wife and I are just beginning our search and have been chosen by them for an initial interview. Would you be able to share detail...
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