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Lives in Toms River,  United States · Born on December 19, 1969 · Female
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My birth name was Gesila Marie Lynch. I was born in Trento NJ on December 19th 1969. Helene Fuld Hospital which was the Florence Crittenton Home. She had put me up for adoption & I would love to find her.
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I need help as to locate a user on this site. Can someone help me. It is my birth mom & she is looking for me.
Hi you answered a post i made a few hours ago. I believe the info i found is my birth mother... only question is i can not find any more information on this site. How did you find it so quick?
I am looking for my birth mother. I was born December 19 1969 in Trenton NJ. She gave me a name which was Gisele Marie Lynch on my original birth certificate. Her name was Christine. One time i was on...
Birth Mother Details
First Name Christine
Middle Name Theresa
Last Name Lynch
Nick Name Chris
Birth Date Sep 13, 1952
Gender female
Height Average
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Race White
Married at Birth no
Married at Adoption no
Age at Birth 17
How do I find her from this? This is where I am stuck! Wish i had email
Did you try to send her a PM on there? Her info looks to be 14 years old so maybe it has changed but if you haven't, try that! Hit the "Send PM" button and type in a message.
Have you tried Ancestry DNA testing? My husband just found his birth parents (on accident) by doing that.
I am on Ancestry & no close matches. My question is I know she was looking for me on this site & I tried to send a message, but I kept getting an error. I know her name, username, birthdate but looks like she was looking over 14 years ago in December of 2004.
Looking for my birth mom. Christine Lynch from New Jersey. I was born December 19, 1969 Trenton, NJ Name at birth was Gesele Marie Lynch
Hi i found some information on here that i think is my birth mother how do i look for her
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