Rashaud James

Lives in   United States · Born on October 3, 1981 · Male
About Me
Hi my name is Rashaud Aaron James. I’m 35 years old! I was adopted at 3 months old. My biological mother was 15 when she had me. I was born in Washington DC. I now have 6 children of my own and am desperate to find my biological mother and father. Not knowing where I come from or who I really am, has taken such a toll on my life. As much family as I have I still have a anger inside of me because I don’t know who I am. My wife and kids are very supportive and know that I don’t know who my biological parents are but I can’t hide it from them anymore. Inside I’m hurting. I have wonderful adoptive parents that have been beyond great to me. I found out I was adopted when I was 8 years old and my life has never been the same.
Inside I feel abandoned. I feel angry at my parents for leaving me. As I grow older I think that maybe they had no choice. I’m bitter at times but I need the closure. If there is any way at all that you all can help. The adoption was sealed as far as I know. As I walk down the street I’m always looking at people to see if can see resemblance. I just want to know who I am. My children are all left handed and have so many traits that I don’t know where they originated from. I would be so wonderful to find my parents.
Rashaud Aaron James
Thank you for your time
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