Ok...I am stuck...I wrote to the state and I guess put myself on the registry. I assume from the letter I received back that my b-family is not registered...they gave me "instructions to searchers" which directs me to Rita Krusemark at the NE Health and Human Services. This letter looks like they actually do some search services.
Does anyone know what kind of inforamtion I would expect to get back from this? I am really more looking for non-identifying informtion at this time although more information would be ok with me too.
Any assistance would be great...I just don't know if this is the road I want to go down next or if there is another direction I should be going to get information.
Do you know if an agency handled your adoption and if so which agency? Many agencies have "Post Adoptive Services Departments". The social worker at the agency that handled my adoption has been extremely helpful to me.
The non-identifying information will give you all information in the file except name, address etc. Some of the information you could receive would be nationality, physical description of bparents, age at the time of your birth, circumstances surrounding the reason for placement, medical history on bparents and bfamily at time of placement, possibly level of education and hobbies etc. It all depends on the type of notes taken by the social worker at the time and how forthcoming bparents were at the time.
After receiving my non id info, I elected to have social worker send out contact letters. Bfather responded and social worker sent him an updated medical history form. He filled it out and returned it to her and then she sent it to me. I wrote a letter to bfather and included pictures from various times in my life. Again, that was sent to social worker and she sent it on to him. He called social worker this week and told her he is almost finished with a letter to me and will include pictures.
I have found this a very comfortable way to initiate contact and I think it has worked well for bfather also. He has talked quite a bit with the social worker and I think that has eased the transition. Plus, by going through the social worker it gives time to get to know one another in letters without either feeling vulneralbe. While we may be connected by blood, we are after all strangers.
You might also want to contact thesearchguru. She is a search consultant that has helped several people on the forum. You can contact her through her website [url][/url]
Thesearchguru has also posted threads with helpful information for searching in each state.
I've subscribed to your thread so please post and let us know how things progress for you. The very best of luck to you. :)
MUMBLE!! I just love the red tapes you have to go through...
Not that I am overly surprised, but I just got my letter back from the state indicating:
"This letter is to confirm that our agency has received your request to conduct an adoption search for your birth family.
We will begin to conduct the search as soon as possible. Because of budgetary restarints, we cannot guarantee how long it will take for your search to begin. Each request is placed on a waiting list and will be reasearched as time premits. Someone will contact you from our office within the next six months."
SIX MONTHS!! You mean to tell me that there are actually that many adoptees in the state of nebraska all looking at the same time!!
Heck, who 6 months I might just change my mind about this searching thing...I doubt it, but I just might.
Has anyone else out there dealt with Nebraska Health and Human Services? How long before your search began?
Just needed to vent...thanks! :)
I just started searching for my sister, who was born in Nebraska in 1959 and I believe she was adopted in Nebraska as well. Any suggestions on how to go about this? I'm registering with ISRR.
A friend of mine went through Health and Human Services and they found her Birthmother in a little less then a year. A year is nothing to those that have been searching for many years.
Even if you change your mind about finding them, at least if you change your mind again, you will have the information that you need.
Good luck on your search
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I should probaby update this....
So far only good news has didn't actually take 6 months...or even 6 weeks. About 3 weeks after receiving that letter, I got another letter saying that they have found a possible match for a birth parent. To continue my search they would like to obtain a copy of a marriage certificate (which means that the "birth parent", most likely mother since they need a marriage certificate, most likely was married in Nebraska and for that matter may very well still be here!!).
I sent them the $7.00. That was about 6 weeks ago...I have since talked to them to make sure they received my request...the check cleared my bank account about a week ago, so I am hoping to hear something back from them to their status soon!!
I am SOOOO glad to hear that it only took about a year for your friend CowNcalves...that makes me feel like there is hope. I still am kind of wishy washy on what I want to do with the information I receive. I actually have them on a search for all information if possible, but I will take what I can get.
Thanks to everyone for their support. I will have to keep everyone updated as time goes on!!
Searching for birth family...and getting closer everyday.
I was just wondering if you found her.I was on the list for over a year to have them tell me they couldn;t find her and that they only search in nebraska.I also sent in the money and got my hopes up.I hope you've had better luck!
Nothing yet...tried looking in the newspaper, but to no avail....they don't have anything....I'm just not sure where to turn next...I suppose I could spend the money and get a PI or something, but I guess I just don't want to interupt someone's life if they don't want me to. I suppose it is possible that NH&H did make contact and she didn't want to respond...I feel like if I intrude too much, it might not be a good thing for her or me.
I know the name of a lady who does searches fairly inexpensive.I just haven't tried that option yet.I talked to her a few times when I was younger about some other things and she mentioned that she searched on the side.She is in omaha,if your interested!
Niki and Chris,
I've private messaged both of you but not sure if they're going through....Please let me know if you didn't receive them.