We just spoke with our social worker today who will be handling our foster care licensing, and she scheduled an "informal home visit" for next Thursday evening.
My first question is what is an "informal home visit"? Does this mean she is just going to meet with us preliminarily, but we will have to wait even longer for the home study?
And now, for the main topic of this thread...
Can anyone help me develop a "Home Study Checklist" so that my hubby and I can work on getting everything in order for this initial home visit next week? Even if this is just a preliminary visit, we are hoping to have all of our "I's" dotted and our "T's" crossed so that maybe she can go ahead and "pass" us and get this show on the road! (Gee, can you tell how anxious I am to become foster parents? lol)
We already know we need to get a child gait for the stairs down to the basement. We have a smoke detector on the main floor and in the basement and have checked to see that both are in working order. We also are going to install child-proof locks on cabinets and drawers with any cleaning chemicals and such. Our medicines are in a hall linen closet on a high shelf. Do we need to child-proof drawers with shampoos and lotions? I also know that we need to be sure our hot water temp is no higher than a certain max temperature but does anyone know what that temp is?
Ok, anything else anyone can help me out with would be greatly appreciated!
Hi, when we did our walk through we had to have a fire extinguisher, all medicines in the home including tylenol have to be locked up in a lock box, we had to have all of our outlets covered also. I would not sweat this visit, the caseworkers are wanting you to get approved so they will walk you through all of this.
By the way, love your name!! My youngest's middle name is Elise and both of our kids have lynn in their firt names!!!
Thank you for the info about the homestudy. What kind of a "lock box" am I supposed to get for meds?
As for the name, it isn't my name. "Jaelyn Elise" is the name I have picked out if I ever am blessed with a daughter!
im sure it varries by the state but we are starting our homestudy also and they gave us a copy of everything they check.the things that stand out in my head are: A smoke alarm close to all bedrooms on any floor, a carbon monoxide detector on all floors, a fire ladder if house is 2 levels, all cabinet locks and outlet covers, baby gates for any stairs,a actuall first aid kit, a 5 lb fire extingisher. and im sure im missing something but that gives you some things to start with
Our initial visit was just a get to know you with a few questions. It lasted about 1/2hour. Our second visit lasted about 2 hours. This is where the social worker maped out the house and looking for smoke detectors. We did not have to lock any medicine or cleaning supplies up. We did not need to cover outlets either. Ours did not even look at our pool. Our sw's biggest concern is that we have a gun safe.
We just had our first meeting with the worker that will be licensing us this week. They had a check list that we had to sign and that was it. They just wanted cleaning supplies and medications in upper cabinets out of reach of smaller children. Firearms must also be in a locked box, which should be a no brainer for any home with kids. We have to have a lay-out of our home posted with a fire escape indicated and a fire extinguisher, city residences had to have a different type extinguisher than county residences, go figure. That was it as far as a check list. They didnt even walk through our house. She just went over the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and room sizes again, for the third time. Also she asked more specific questions about the kid of child we are looking for. Took about a half hour total, no longer than the first visit when they brought us the info and all the applications.
Hope that helps.:cool:
Your first meeting shouldn't be anything big. They probably won't even look through your house and they will probably give you all the information you need for your home inspection. I am in California and we needed: A gun safe with ammo locked seperately, ALL meds, vitamins, cleaning products and toxins behind lock and key (we put a key lock on our linen closet), a working smoke detector near or in child's room, A first aid kit complete with a guide (you can find it at any drug store complete with all you need), a fireplace screen around a wood stove or fireplace, all food in fridge covered, enough food for 3 meals, kitchen trash can covered and all others with liners, and no property hazards. This is all I can really think of. I'm sure that it all varies by state because we were not required to have a gate for our stairs but I hope this helps. THey will, hopefully, give you a very detailed list of all you need to do and they will go over it with you. Good luck!