Unique Girls Names
I love the name Kayla Grace but Kayla has become so common. I am looking for a beautiful girls name. That goes with with middle name Grace or Faith. Any suggestions?
Makenna Faith was the name we had picked for a few years...but most likely wont get to use.

Makenna has become pretty popular too...

My SIL's are Rory Hope and Shelby Faith, and are the only ones in their class with those names...
Keela "kee + la"
Kyla "kie + la"

The word cadhla means beautiful and implies "a beauty that only poetry can capture."

Those are Irish names similar to Kayla
Really Unusual
My husband and I had picked out Baptista Grace for our daughter, but in the end went with Kayla Joyce b/c my dss had picked that out. Baptista Grace together means "baptised in God's Grace".
Another unique name is the one my brother gave my neice. Her name is Antoinette Halla. Antoinette means either priceless or precious (I can't remember which) and Halla means unexpected gift.
how about Isabelle Grace?
Line of Elizabeth's
In my family we are up to eleven generations of variations of Elizabeth. Pretty amazing, hu?

Anyway, ever since I learned of this around 13 or 14, I've been searching for Elizabeth diviations, that haven't been used.

My favoriate has been Elspeth. Which I think would go nicely with Grace. It's really not at all common, I've known one, she took care of me when I was little.

Good Luck! Smile
Lets see...
Okay, I loved the name Kayla too but couldn't use it b/c it was already in my family. I did some thinking and came up with Kailianna (Kay-lee-onna) and she will have a NN of Kaili. Another name similar to Kayla is Kiley. I also like the name Kairi and Makenna.
A beautiful name we have only heard once (a little girl in our former church) was Amaya. Amaya Grace would sound very pretty, I think. Then again, I'm favorably prejudiced toward Grace as a middle name because our oldest daughter's name is Eva (short "e" as in egg) Grace . . .
how about
Alisa(uh-lee-sa) Grace
Kylah Grace
Grace is a beautiful middle name that I think goes with just about anything kind of like Ann or Marie do.
Kaylee or Kathlyn or Kelsey are nice. There are lots of Maya s and Amaya s in this part of the country. Same with Kate and Katie. I have a name that was way too common, 8 Lisas in my 8th grade history class. All my girls have names that aren't common so they never find barettes, or door signs or anything with their name on them.
okay, Lisa, now you just have to share those unusual names!

Xiomara will never find a bicycle license plate either (unless we go to another country!)
Shoshana- isn't that Hebrew for Rosemary? Rosemary is my best friend, and I thought that I had read that once.

Okay Mallory Kathryn, Aubree Ann Elizabeth, and Linley Iris,
Grace could have been a middle name for any of them, but I had grandmas to honor. Smile I often tease my husband we have to have one more girl because I never got to use Chloe Grace. It was always first runner up. Now I am out of grandmas, Grace would be my first choice.

Pretty names! Mallory has always been a favorite of mine.

No, Shoshana is the original Hebrew form of Suzanna. It is translated to mean 'white rose'- but the actual type of white rose (flower) is the subject of a debate amongst biblical scholars and people who study flowers! Go figure! It's thought that the flower still exists today in Israel. (Now, aren't you glad you asked!)
I am glad I asked. I am also glad I didn't name a child Shosana and tell her it was Rosemary. Mallory of course is bad luck in all sorts of languages. But "Mally" according to my friend Naomi means "wished for child" in Hebrew. This is the part where you nod your head in agreement even if you know different, because that is what we have always told her, and I don't want to start knowingly lying now. LOL.
How is your daughter's name pronounced?
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