I love the name Kayla Grace but Kayla has become so common. I am looking for a beautiful girls name. That goes with with middle name Grace or Faith. Any suggestions?
My little girl's name is Kaya Like kayak with out the k. I love it and it sounds good with Grace
Drop the cute spellings. Nobody wants to have to go through life spelling M-a-i-h-r-i-e every time they tell someone their name when Mary would work just as well. You're just making work for the kid that they'll have to keep doing as long as they live.
. :)
It isn't just that cute spellings that have to spell their names all their lives. My name has several different ways that it can be spelled (I wouldn't say any of them is a cute spelling either) so I am always spelling it for everyone. My married name is the same way - there is 2 different ways to spell it.
And I agree with Crick - you cannot have Ashley back for boys. It suits my daughter very well - even the "cute" way I spelled it.
Okay what drives me crazy is this: Miracle Nevaeh. I saw so many of those while my son was in the hospital. Yech. :arrow: Yes, a lot of us parents with sick children believe that our children are miracles, but do they really need to be named that?
DDW - I've hear the ever popular growing "nevaeh" and asked about it once. The Heaven spelled backwards is significant and the "in" thing I guess. lol.
DDW - I've hear the ever popular growing "nevaeh" and asked about it once. The Heaven spelled backwards is significant and the "in" thing I guess. lol.
It sure is the "in" thing. Last week Cameron had to get a chest xray after an appointment. Sure enough, the baby called before him was a "Neveah". Plus, so many Neveah's in the NICU last winter. :eek: I'm a pretty nice, person, but I know I rolled my eyes when I heard that name called.
I've always had a girl's name picked out that I never heard until the past couple years...Arianna Rose. Unfortunately my cousin stole the entire name and used it for her youngest daughter. I was a bit upset to say the least. But it does seem more popular now so I'm kinda glad we didn't use it.
Our daughter's birthfamily chose her first name, we chose the middle. Sasha Kaylynn
She was going to be Kaylynn Sasha, but at the hospital we thought Sasha suited her better for a first name. But now we have to explain to everyone we didn't chose it b/c of Barack's daughter. Her big brother picked it and I don't really think in elementary school he was aware of the elections! haha. So I'm sure Sasha will be a very popular name as she grows up. Kay is my mom's middle name, Lynn is mine and it was my 2nd favorite behind Arianna growing up.
Other favs are:
Lily Grace-after my great grandma
Clara or Claire-after a great aunt
Jocelyn-just because I think it's beautiful :)
The name that we had talked about before ever starting the adoption process was Marinda Nicole.
But by the time we were matched and close to getting DD and her bmom asked us what we wanted to name seemed too formal. I wanted something more relaxed. We searched a lot of name sites and I kept coming back to any variation of: Kaydee, Caddie, Cadie Cadee. So in the end we chose Cadie with the middle name of Bree. More often than not we use her first and middle names when we talk to her.
Oooh, I'd be careful with Marinda. There's a sticky-sweet orange soft drink available all over Europe, and it's called "Mirinda." It would be like naming a kid "Pepsi"!!
Names are the most integral or we can say they play a vital role in everybodys life. Nobody can estimate how much long they would along us but still they can add fame into our lives if properly chosen by our parents .My parents chosen a very unique and beautiful name for me, my mamma likes the name of a latest grooming singer Enrique and so it is my name.
I met a girl named Chaclyn (pronounced Chaselynne) the other day. I thought that was a pretty and unusual name.
This thread is pretty dead. I have seen some extremely rare ones on and Some more notable being: