Wondering some information about reversing an adoption (like the specifics on what it exactly entails.) I am an adoptee and I am trying to change back to my original name. Is there any way to do this without doing a court order name change like the name wasn't mine in the first place? I heard about reversing the adoption but I think this will kinda put a damper on my search.
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Erm, OK, I don't know what the original post was, but I changed my name back to my real name through a change of name deed. It made me furious as well that I had to use something like that to start using my real name, it's an obserdity!
In short, you can call yourself whatever you like, but if you want it to have legal standing, you do need to change it back legally, because it was changed to your adoptive name legally in the first place so to undo that it has to be on a legal standing as well.
Well can you give some details on what steps did you have to go through exactly to change it back legally through the change name deed?
Sure, it's dead easy. The actual change itself is just through a solicitor, it cost me about 35 but that was about 3 years ago. It's a one-page big print document saying "I hereby relinquish my old name and will be known by my new name, I'll not use my old name again for any purpose and this is a legally binding documet" yadda yadda.
The more time-consuming thing is getting it changed at all of the places you have contact with. Best to try and take a day off work, call all the places like anywhere you have a direct debit agreement with, your bank, your human resources dept at work, council tax, credit cards etc. Most of them want a copy of the deed, so take photocopies and get the addresses you need to send them to. It should all be free, though, aside from the photocopying and the stamps.
Alternatively you can do a Deed Poll, which is different to just a plain Deed. A Deed Poll gets published in the papers, and it's up to everyone else to change their records so you don't have to do it. It costs a lot more though, I think it's hundreds of pounds.
You'll need a new driver's license and passport as well, which unfortunately does cost money (albeit not a massive amount), though I've still not changed my passprt over as I don't need it. In the UK changing your driver's license does not update the DVLA (Driving Vehicle Something Authority or whatever, the government branch for vehicles), you need to update them seperately.
Hope that helps, if you need anything else let me know.
I'm doing the same thing but I believe that you have to go to court to do so. i have googled how to go about changing your name legally and everything comes out pointing to the court. i plan on buying a "name-changing" kit though which pretty much helps you through the whole process.
I am trying to open my stepparent adoption records, do you know how I would go about it. I know everything about all my parents they are all past.., but what I am trying to do is prove who I am and trying to get my legal birth name back. Can anyone help me??
wanted to revive this thread because I'm trying to see if there's a way to revert back to your birth name or is the only way to get it back is to go about it as if it was never yours and do the whole legal name change process/filing?
I honestly don't know, but my guess is, you'll have to legally change your name if you were legally adopted.
Even if you can just revert back, you can't change history in others eyes. Your friends may change easily, but work contacts, banks, credit etc... they don't care about any emotional story, they will want legal documentation, especially in this day and age of ID theft.
Call an attorney? Many will give you a consult for free.
Good luck.
In the US court system, you can change your name to just about anything you want. Call a lawyer. It takes a legal doucument to change it so that the name you have now is changed and the new name will take it's place on all papers from the court date forward.
Once you have that legal piece of paper with the new name, you can take it to any place and have them change your name in their records. That would be school, bank, credit cards, phone company, utilities, etc. The thing that doesn't change is the SS number. Your number will continue with the new name attached.
Apparently some courts really don't care what you want to call yourslef. An Idaho senatorial candidate recently legally changed his name to Pro-Life. Years ago a guy in the northwest changed his to Trout Fishing in America.
So, visit a lawyer and you should soon be on the road to getting your name changed soon.
I'm wondering if there's a way to change my adopted name back to my given name after my mother kidnapped me and I was adopted