10/13/1962 Hetzler, straubing germany
I was born 10/13/1962 in straubing germany. My mother'sname was renate hetzler. I thinkthat they had a 10 year old son prior to my birth. Adopted through Catholic Charities. Baptized at St Monika's.

Adopted May 1965- through NY Catholic Charities
found family
Just a quick note. The week of Feb. 27th 2006 I was able to make contact with a family member. I am currently in contact with 4 of my 5 siblings. I get to go meet with a brother mid May. Most of the family still lives in Germany with the exception of their mom and one brother.

Met with my one brother. Very exciting. Great family. Now in contact with all the brothers and sisters. All is well. :wings:
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