Adding my thanks as well! You do a great job here and always answer questions in a timely manner.
You are appreciated and I'm glad we are all taking the time to let you know.
sheesh Brandy! If I had known you had a fan club, I would have been a member long ago! Is this a monthly dues situation or what? ha ha.
Have no idea what started this, and don't need to know. Just thought I'd add my appreciation too.
Brandy~Chiming in as well. You are on the ball, on your toes, and work hard to make this forum the wonderful place it is for supporting all members of the adoption triad! We REALLY do appreciate it!
I saw this right after seeing a closed thread... I thought it was something bad! Thankfully its something good!!
I'm going to say THANKS also!! BRANDY IS AWESOME!!!!
I was a cheerleader so that is to the tune of the high school cheer...
still cant get that cheer out of my head and its been 7 years...
I'm chiming in late, but I'm a card carrying member of the Brandy fan club.
Thanks for all your hard work, I know its not easy.
...but I do go out of my way to agree with the opinions of others if I think it is warranted.
Yes, Brady, your work here is commendable.
I will admit, I a huge fan of your "banning stick"ery.
It's amazing how far someone needs to go to get the big ban.
I mean, way out of their way...and yet they still manage to cross the line!
Its not an enviable job, but you do it well!!!
...and I'll take that 1/2 eaten pixie stix
I don't care what flavor...
ps. I hate to admit it, but in addition to offering whatever constructive words that I can to those in need, and in addition to lurking on thread and popping in with the occasional poem or observation...I'm one of those that looks for the pad lock on the thread and likes to read what went on in those threads...lots of anger. It's like reality tv, with goofy made up names.
pps. Keep up the good work!
I'm not sure how many of you realize that Brandy is as awesome as she really is. The moderators of the forums are all volunteers. Brandy especially gets right in the middle of very ugly situations and endures some serious mud slinging.
How lucky am I to get to "work" with her!
Thanks Brandy!
:D :p :D :p :D
Awww, Thanks Sarah :)
If I didnt enjoy what I do here҅I would have jumped ship long agowell, that and now I have a legitimate reason for sitting in front of my PC all day!
All volunteer, ohh, you all are so great to do the work you do, giving us a safe place to vent our feelings and help others.
Hval, I'll admit, I too check out the pad lock threads. Brandy, I appreciate your short witty comments on why the threads get closed.
Hi Brandy
My name is Charmaine you replied on a forum July 19,2003 from KI Kingston about her story. Option of Adoption in Philadelphia pa . Im the birth mother and read the story im most sure that is my son their looking for me it wss an open adoption and the shut down with no warning we stop recieving letters. Please if you can go back to July 19,2003 you gave advice on his story . Can you reach out to them my email charmainelyft1@ I have been searching for years and yes i still live in Philadelphia ia where he was born Lori adopted him she is from Vermont Caucasian female my son afro american. Pleaseplease check back to that date. Thank u