I have seen a number of threads lately that have been edited but a notation has not been made. It seems to have led to misunderstanding and an incomplete picture of the communication. Would it be possible to make notations when editing is done?
Are you talking about when we the formum members edit or when the moderators have made an edit?
I agree that in the past or at least when Brandy made an edit she left a RED letter notice where the edit was made so people could understand that something BIG had changed.... I am not sure that all Moderators do this but I have enjoyed understanding when Brandy did so and at least could read between the lines in later posts and why some people may have said something that seemed to be odd realted to an above thread!
Moderators we like it when you let us have some idea a post was changed especially if people have resonded...It is odd to see signes of anger--and not understand the context--the edit note simple lets us understand there WAS once a reason for the reactions below...
I was talking about moderator edits!
It IS really nice to not necessarily have the reason but a notation that something has been deleted or edited. Otherwise it can really confusing.
We have added some new moderators to the team over the last few weeks...and sadly, due to some medical issues, I have been largely absent from the forums.
To address these concerns, I have attached my standardizedӔ edits to the Admin and Moderators forum for the other moderators to use
Keep in mind that these folks are just learningŅit may take some time! Feel free to continue to post any concerns that you might have!