We have our post-placement coming up on Wednesday and my husband asked me what will happen and I thought about it and really couldn't answer. What do they typically cover? I'm guessing it's mainly about adjustment for us all. Will she look around the house again?
We just finished with our last one last Saturday and this Tuesday is our re-adoption hearing. Yeh!!!
Our social worker has been so nice. She basically ask us about Mia's development, milestones, sleeping habits and what she was eating. They had us fill out a medical questionaire signed by our doctor and that was about it. The visits were about 15 minutes each. Very non-stressful!
We only had one and it was a little different than Kelly's. The social worker was here for about 2 hours. She observed the kids and how they interacted with each other and us and spent quite a bit of time discussing their development (both so far and what to expect) as well as like Kelly said, eating and sleeping habits etc. She did also want to see their bedrooms. Totally not stressful, but much longer than I expected.
We had our post-placement last week and it was a piece of cake. Our social worker was here for maybe 45 minutes. She sat in the middle of the living room floor and played with Kathryn. She wanted to know how Kathryn was adjusting, what she was eating, current weight/lentgh. She was also interested in knowing how our adoption process went. I hope yours will be as smooth as ours. Our agency only requires the one visit, so now we are done - yea!!! Good Luck :)
Very non-stressful for us as well (3 years ago). Our social worker was at our house for about 1/2 hr.- 45 min. She watched our daughter play for a short time and asked us what she was doing, eating, etc...
Thanks for the replies. Our homestudy visits were pretty laid back so I guess I can expect more of the same with this. She said she would be here for about an hour. I am having a hard time thinking of what we'll talk about for a whole hour, but she's a talker :) so I'm sure she'll pack it full. I can't wait for this to be over and to get on with the readoption. Thanks again!
We've had 2 for Brielle. No sweat! They were maybe 1/2 hour each, and that included small talk with the social worker. :) He's a really nice, easy-going guy so that made it virtually stress-free (and no looking thru the house, phew!).
Our post placement visit was a breeze, but our workers are so nice! It went about an hour, and they did NOT look through the house. They asked our other kids how they liked having a new baby, they asked what changes have taken place, how life is different. Stuff like that. It was pleasant and fun. An opportunity to tell our adoption story without being interrupted with silly questions.