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No solicitation of parents, ever!: chat rooms, message boards and blogs are NOT places for adoptive parents and adoption professionals to solicit expectant parents. So many people visit the community that potential birthparents get "pounced on" from dozens of different people if this rule is not strictly observed. is committed to making its community of websites, chat rooms and blogs places where potential birthparents feel safe. It is not appropriate for adoption professionals or hopeful parents to post "I can help" messages or Internet addresses for potential birth parents to visit or to send this type of e-mail or private message to potential birth parents.
Caution to expectant parents considering adoption: Are you pregnant and considering adoption? For your safety, we strongly recommend that you do not select adoptive parents or an adoption professional from or its community of websites. We have no way of knowing which parents on the site are qualified to adopt, and which professionals are reputable. Visit, a service of Adoption Profiles, LLC, to find information on hundreds of hopeful adoptive parents who have each met the requirements to adopt in their state. Visit to find an adoption professional.
This is the ONE and ONLY warning that will be given to members who violate the above ToS either on this specific forum or by PM’ing members who post on this forum.
This is a support forum, period. It is not a matching site or a networking site…if your purpose for being is to solicit a match (either birthparent or adoptive parent initiated) you are in the wrong place! There have been far to many instances of reports from both adoptive parents and birthparents regarding unsolicited PM’s trying to initiate a match. Reported violators will be permanently banned from the forums, so be sure and read the above bolded text carefully to make sure your post doesn’t violate the rules.
If you have been contacted via Private Message by another member, and that message violates the above ToS, please forward those messages to BrandyHagz, Crick or Jensboys.
Bumping this up as a reminder that your account will be banned if you can not follow these rules.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Admin or a moderator.
I am bumping this to make it active.
Folks, please remember that when a woman and her partner are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and they come to - they are looking for support and advice.
Sending Private Messages and posting messages indicating that you wish to adopt their child is similar to 'ambulance chasing' - the unplanned pregnancy/considering your options forums are not opportunistic available situation forums - they are REAL forums for people who need REAL information, advice and support from others in the community.
We do ban members who send these types of messages. We get angry/upset emails from women who post here pretty regularly saying that they feel pounced upon by people who send messages wishing to adopt their child.
It is inappropriate.
If you are wishing to adopt – utilize the services of a reputable online networking site – put yourself out there and make yourself available – but don’t approach women who are looking for support, not on – that’s not the purpose of our forums.
Sadly, there have been several reported posts and private messages in the last 72 hours regarding this issue.
Our rules are fairly clear on the subject. Please make sure you read and understand them – if you don’t understand them, please ask a moderator to explain the rule regarding solicitation of expectant parents on our forums, they’d be happy to help.