-our baby came home recently and on his vaccination record it lists him having two PENTA immunizations - the foster agency said it was 5 vaccines in one - but i am still trying to find out which 5 vaccines - does anyone know?
My daughter also came home with a vaccination of mulitiple vaccinationin one. Our Dr knew what it was and said the US was one of the few countries that still do it the old way. From her shots she is catching up on just one that they did not do there. I sure your Dr will know what it is.
-neither my pediatrician or the IA peds specialist knew what was in the PENTA and i have not yet heard back from the foster agency
I went to the the international adoption clinic at Children's Hospital in Philly -- and they knew it was a combo of five vaccines, but they didn't know which ones. I'm still trying to find out. Pentavalente is the full name.
Wow..5 in one...
Why don't you email Dr. Montiel in Guatemala? He would be happy to answer your questions...I have also called him on the phone..he has a website also..
The penta vaccine contains a combination of the diptheria-tetanus-pertussis, hepatitis B, and inactivated polio vaccines.
Jack, Dad to Matthew (home Feb/04)
-thanks for the dr montiel suggestion - i did email him 2 weeks ago did not hear back so emailed him again - i did a google search of pentavalente and it definitely contains diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus and Haemophilus B but then it is contradictory whether the fifth component is polio or Hepatitis B