I'm always looking for new hairstyles for the girls, they have very different hair textures. I'm never sure what is age appropriate either. I usually won't try a style until I've seen another little one in public about the same age. (I live in a very diverse area and get lots of advice & encouragement from others) I thought it might be a good idea if we could post styles for each other here. Would anyone be interested?
Here is a pic of J's triangle puffs at 6 months old. I miss this style she looked so cute. Her hair is soooo long now.
Hi Lea, my hairstyling ability is limited; my dd gets 10 braids. Only occasionally does she sleep in them (with only ouchless bands, never with baubles); usually I take her hair down every night, and never left up when in puffs or my sad bun version of nubian knots. She is a gentle sleeper, not much thrashing and moving about.
Her braids after one day and one night must be redone, or they look fuzzy. I do not use any finishing product on her hair, just natural oil and Burts Bees avocado butter before braiding.
I just wanted to second the advice of the yahoo adoptionhair group. I just joined and I'm so excited with some new ideas and so many pictures to drool over. I'm going to try beading this week and will posts some pics soon.
Ladies, I need some help with my two-strand twists. I know this is supposed to be easy.....but I can braid better than twist :o
Let me describe how I do it so maybe I can get some pointers.
I twist each of the strands outward (Left counterclockwise, Right clockwise) and then take the right under the left and twist together. I don't have a good strategy yet for keeping them tight as I twist.
Here's a pic of J after I'm done. It's passable for the first hour or so, then it gets looser and her curls start to fight the twist and it looks like mangled puffs. Grrr. HELP!
For tight twists, twist each section clockwise, then counterclockwise around each other. It took me a while to learn how to do them tight, but I do now!
Good Luck!
I finished some beading on J's hair yesterday. I love them, they are like little jewels in her hair. I put 1-2 on each twists and finished them off with a hair snap. My little baby looks so grown up with her done so pretty!
what do you use to make it shine so pretty...... i have tried some sort of shine product but it made the hair feel tacky.... or dry. her hair is beautiful!!!!!
On the advice of others here (who are always right ;) ) we invested in some Carol's Daughter products. I normally use the Hair Milk on J but for this style we used the thicker Hair Butter to keep the frizzies down.
A side note about the Hair Butter.....not only has Lili's hair REALLY sprang to life, but J had some "clogged hair follicles" almost like blackheads on her scalp in one spot for the past 8-9 months. The doctor had prescribed a special shampoo, creams and ointments and even some antifungal pills. Out of desperation I slathered on the hair butter to get some flakies out of that area....and it's clearing up!
Well, I just ordered some products from CD to try. Some hair oil, the hair milk, and some lotions for skin.
If we like it, then I will order some more obviously, like the hair butter.
I got brave and added beads to Big D's box braids. Now, let's see how long they last.
After struggling with major breakage to my little sisters hair and finding ways to make it grow my mom finally found the solution of taking her to the hair salon and having them put hair extensions in with braids. I have been having hair extensions done for as long as I can remember and I currently switched over to having a full head of weave and it has done so much for my self confidence like it's easier to style and brushes and braids so nicely. So if your looking for options hair extensions might be one on a count of that they last for 2-3 months.
sorry if the images are a little big
Me with a full head of sewn in weave:
My little sister with braid extensions:
Your weave looks great. Is it easy to maintain? I have an 11 yr old. She hates relaxer, doesn't want to sit for individuals, but her hair is pretty short due to breakage. She'd love it. Is it expensive to get done?
Sorry I'm so nosey. :)
Very easy to maintain like u just have to put it up at night and put something on ur head. It depends on who does it and the type of hair like my hair i have is human hair like there are all kinds of brands like what my sister has is Yakki pony and I have yakki human. The stylist i go to for a full head of weave of sewn in weave is 120.
My DD is 10 mo. and I like to do two poms on top and two in the lower back. She doesn't sit still long enough for much more. I am able to do french twists starting in the front and ending on the top of her head. I just got the book "It's all good hair" and it has some great styles for when she is bigger.
This thread has been quiet lately. Here is Big D's valentine's doo:
They are twists with beads on them. The clear beads are shaped like bows if you can't make them out. The ends are secured with snap clips instead of rubber bands (Hearts for valentine's day).
I know I read someplace that you can "set" the hair wound all over straws, guaranteed with a bobby pin. Would this generate the look you want? Seems to me that would take eternally to do!
[URL=""]hair shears[/URL]
I was just on the elevator with a woman using them and i love how they look. so i asked her if she did them herself and she used to explain how, but on a 5 second elevator trip, you just don't get the full effect . i think perhaps my daughters [URL=""]hair[/URL] is too thin for them, but could you explain your method!