I was born in Louisville, KY at University Hospital I think 7/3/77 and am looking for any information. I think my name at birth was Julie. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
do you have the # to your birth certficate. I live in ky and I can look in the book for you if you would like for me to.I just found my husbands birth mothers name by looking for his # and it matched. Now all I have too do is find them. I also gave my daughter up for adoption 20 yrs. ago and I now am looking to find her some day.
I have the number off my birth certificate- i don't know if it is the same as the origianl. The number is 116-77-27507. I would be so appreciative if you could look it up for me. I live in Arlanta and it is hard to look anything up. I wish you luck in your search as well! Thank you so much! Julie
Apike I sent you a PM.
Ky Girl Date of Birth as 07/27/1975, looking for birth parents.
I believe, based on the name written on the back of an old photo, my birth name may have been Michalle Maria with a last name beginning with D. I was adopted in April 1977 (I think, based on a copy of my birth certificate).
As I was told, I was in Foster care for over a year before my mother relinquished her rights to me so that I could be placed with a family. As I was told, she was not capable of caring for me... and that the state had told her I would never be returned to her and that after 2 years she would lose rights and so she gave me up prior to that time expiring.
If you can help me with any info on searching for my birth mother info, medical info, etc... your help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so very much.
I will take care of it tomorrow at the library and let you know in the afternoon time.
Please register at [url=]Ky Adoption Reunion Registry[/url]
The state will provide you background info on the family if you have not requested it there is a form on the link provided. Also the state will do a search for the birth mother for a small charge thru a petition which is also on the website. Will be glad to answer any questions you have -