Hillcrest Receiving Home
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I just started a little alumni group on myspace. So far we have 2 Smile members. It's specifically for people who stayed at Hillcrest Receiving Home in Southern California. If that's you then your welcome to join! Maybe you'll meet up with old friends! Or vent/reminisce a little.

Take Care!
Wow.. I was there when I was really young. I remember it really well however I don't remember anyone from there or the exact age I was when I was there. Interesting enough so I will join.
My twin brother and I were placed at Hillcrest in, maybe, 1979 or 1980. We were only 5-6 y/o. Don't remember too much about it except that for the first time we had a warm place to sleep, food in our bellies and shortly after placement, nice foster parents.

I have been trying to work with San Diego Co. to find the records regarding our placement and am running into a brick wall. Has anyone else ever had this experience? They claim we dont exist in their records.. however I know I was in foster care in San Diego Co. So odd!
Hillcrest days
I was at Hillcrest well before any of you... I think it was 1958, I was a third grader, living with my grandparents. My grandfather had been spooked by the police, after they brought me back from one of my "adventures". I was somewhat of a vagabond, not coming home like I was supposed to and staying out until very late. When he was asked if he had any guardianship papers for me and he replied no, they assured him that they would make sure that he would not be legally responsible for me should I get in trouble or hurt.
The following day, my newly appointed social worker came to my school and took me to Hillcrest. I spent the next three months there waiting for placement with a foster family.
I can remember that there was a simple playground that overlooked the valley that now contains CalCom stadium. The staff was kind, as I recall, and the kids were fun to be around. I do remember playing "doctor" once with a girl who was a year older than I. I guess typical kid stuff.
We even got a visit from Monty Montana, who did some rope tricks, all decked out in his cowboy regalia.
Looking back at my three months there, I don't really have any negative thoughts about the place, although it was my first taste of institutional living, something I didn't experience again until my first summer camp and then again in Air Force boot camp.
from the 80s
i was in hillcrest several times in the late 70s and 80s i have lost all contact with people i was with back then and i would like to meetup with some of them now just to see how we grew
Hello Once again
I got the message that an alumni group is forming. I am in much the same boat as all of you. I don't really remember names and faces for that matter from my time there. I went by there in November, 2011.
I haven't tried to recover any records, however.
Keep me posted on what success you may have in filling in your missing information.
I know that the home has a turbulent history for some of our fellow alumni. I feel really bad for those who weren't helped as intended...
those were the days
I was in Hillcrest several times in my young life from 1962 through 1974, so were my 5 siblings. I remember being placed in a crib the first time and briefer memories other times, what I remember most was that first bath they give you,and the really good food, I could not believe how it tasted so good and warm and I got to eat till I was full, It was oatmeal with real milk and toast with butter and jelly and OJ. I felt like I was in heaven, my clothes they supplied me after my bath fit and smelled so good, I loved the tennis shoes and the tee-shirts. I loved helping to feed the babies and bathe the toddlers I earned enough points to buy myself a baby doll. I remember the closet in the big room with the pool table that only big kids could use. The closet full of toys candy and hair ties we could buy with points, I never could figure out how I earned all my points! I remember the TV room with all the chairs and constantly hearing "NO PC" no physical contact not with each other or the workers, what kids need most gentle safe touch was never allowed. I remember the school and how no one made us go and the yard overlooking the freeway and CMH, The big kids used to tell the little kids that when you grow up that is where the kids will end up, that was scarey and I dreaded it for years, The last time I was there I was 13, always being sent back home each time the abuse and neglect was worse than before, some foster parents were nice but I never felt a part of the family, some homes were down riight cruel but I survived. My final childhood destiantion was Boys and Girls aid in El Cajon and I have been searching for my friends from there for decades to no avail, if you are one of them please contact me,I left there at 17 almost 18 and have had quite a journey through life fostering and adopting once I got over my abandonment. My goal was to love my children so they could feel love and not go through thier whole life without it. i believe I have suceeded as my kids have gentle tender love in thier souls, I get told more than once a day by my kids that they love me and I return the words and feelings back to them. Everything happens for a reason and mine was to love and be loved eventually.:clap:
I was in Hillcrest for about 6 months back in 1990 I think. I don't remember too much about it other than feeling like I was in mini-jail. Lol
I stayed here in the early 90's the staff was nice and the place was decent i liked there it there better then the foster homes i stayed in
I was in Hillcrest in 1967, as were some of my siblings. Does anyone recall a young male, probably age 14 or 15, nicknamed the "chicken name?"
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