He left for Korea when he found out my bmom was pregnant with me. He is now a Korean Vet. I am wondering where I can locate and find what unit he was in.
If you go on to, you can register for free, and maybe do a search for him there. It's possible that he's registered as a Vet, and maybe you could contact him. Good luck!
i did find him there just need the name of the unit.
Have you contacted:
National Personnel Records Center
(Military Personnel Records)
9700 Page Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100
You can request records without giving a reason, citing the Freedom of Information Act (in my opinion, you shouldn't reveal that you're an adoptee ISO birth father)
I got this info from a book called "How to Locate Anyone Who Is or Has Been in the Military" by Lt. Col. Richard S. Johnson & Debra Johnson Knox
There's a sample letter in this book you can use.
You shouldn't need to know his unit if you have his name.
My b-father was in the ARMY but all I know is his first name and where & when he was stationed (in Heidelberg, Germany) but the records people in St. Louis weren't willing to exert themselves by doing a search by first name.
Good luck. Let me know how it goes, and if you have any advice for me, please share!
Thanks, Annika
You can try [url]Http://[/url]
This is for next of kin of a deceased vet, (or living) you say that you are his daughter/son and he is on death bed, would like to do official military shadow box with his medals; as soon as possible. You must tell them that all records and medals burned up in fire. They don''t ask for proof. If you have his SS#, that is all you need. You will get everything about him, including health records, where he was stationed and when, rank, units with, everything. In fact you can do the exact same thing at the other URL that was given to you in MO. Good luck,
army brat and wife.
Might I ask where you mom is from?
Answer (from Annika):
SorryI haven't logged onto this site for a while and haven't kept track of any correspondence I've had with fellow members.
My mom is from Mannheim, Germany.
Why do you ask?
Just wanted to say thanks to Annika for the book recommendation - I have just ordered it.
Did you find your biological father? Your circumstances are very similar to mine, except my bio father was in the US Navy, but my mother can only provide me with his first name (she remembers that his surname was Scandinavian, but cannot remember exactly what it was). I know where he was stationed and when, but that is all.
I have been told that I have pretty much no chance of finding him on such scant information, so was interested in whether you have had any luck or found a way around it! Thanks.