I have this facebook page I made for families in PA who have adopted or are thinking about it.
This is our about page:
I started this group for parents who have adopted from Pennsylvania as a way to get to know other families who are in the same situations. Whether you are an adoptive families or thinking about it this is the group for you. This is a CLOSED group so anything you say here, remains here and is not visible on news feeds. All new members please email me a description of your family so I can add you (THIS WILL BE POSTED BY ADMINISTRATOR).
We are here to support each other, answer questions, and provide advice as we all get to know our new families.
Feel free to ask the tough questions and about all perspectives so long as everything remains respectful.
Anyone being disrespectful or hateful or ugly will be removed.
Feel free to comment about a book or site or agency, etc but any posts asking members help with fund at all will be removed. As this is not what this page is about.
Please come join us! Only requirement is living in Pennsylvania.