Hi, everyone. I am a member of Adoptive Families and Friends (AFF) based out of Frederick, MD. We are an adoption support group for the western part of Maryland. We have members in Frederick, Montgomery, Carroll, Washington, Garrett, and Howard Counties. We regularly hold events where parents and children can come together. I love it because my son gets to interact with other adopted children and I have a great support group in the parents.
We are in the process of creating a Waiting Parents Group and we're looking for anyone in this area who is in the process of any type of adoption. The more varied our group, the more fun it will be.
We welcome anyone who is thinking about adopting, or in the paperwork process, waiting for a referral or
court date, or preparing for their child's birth or arrival. We welcome first-time adoptive parents, as
well as experienced hands going through a second or
third adoption.
This will be a social support group for waiting parents to socialize and share their stories in the company of others on the same exciting and emotional journey, and to provide a network of support when their child arrives.
If you are interested in more information, either regarding our waiting parents group or just joining AFF in general, please let me know.
I would love to join your group. We are current foster parents that hopefully finalize our son's adoption in the spring.
I am also looking for a little girl to complete our crazy house.
We live in Wash co. Please email the group's info.
Hi All!
We have a Multi-racial/Adoptive family support group of sorts called TakomaFamilies. Right now we are a listserv that brings together multiracial families in a relaxed and open forum with playdates and potlucks. We hope to discuss topical issues as well as parenting issues that relate to being a multi-racial family as well as adoption related issues. I am also a RAD parent and that too is a part of our support effort. Most of our members live in Takoma Park/Silver Spring but that does not preclude others in the metro area from joining us should they want to.
You can reach me via PM for specifics on how to join.
Thanks much!
I am new to the forum, and apparently can't send pms yet... Apparently, I have to send a few more group posts first...
Am very interested in hooking up with Maryland forums. Would like advise regarding the best organization to hire for a home study. We're at the beginning of this process, and want to push through as quickly as we cn. Have considered using a national adoption organization, because my first impression is that all private agencies are quite expensive, but the national ones seem to speed the process up by at least several months. But I'd also love to hear advice from folks who've already selected an agency. We don't know anyone personally who has adopted. We have a biological daughter who is turning 4 next week (through fertility treatment, which we've tried again several times, unsuccessfully). I have a Ph.D. in anthropology. My husband works with refugees. I grew up with a foster sister, in a working class family. We're open to a child with any skin color/ ethnic heritage, and would raise them in a positive, loving multi-lingual household, with self-awareness, a good education, and exposure to an economically diverse and multi-cultural set of friends, family and neighbors... We've always wanted to have a second child. Two seems to be the right number. Our daughter is so gentle and sweet around babies, and has been asking about having a little brother or sister since she was old enough to talk... We're still green behind the ears, but wish to get through this daunting process quickly, if it's possible. So any advice on who to use or who to avoid for 1) the home study and 2) the adoption agency would really be appreciated.
Thanks so much.