Has anyone ever adopted from Lifetime Adoption? If so, can you please PM me with your experience. My husband and I have been taking steps to get certified with Los Angeles County Foster Care so we can adopt through that system, but I still haven't stopped thinking about Lifetime Adoption and think it may be worth considering. Any input you can provide on this agency would be helpful. We are an interracial couple looking to adopt biracial children, but open to any child that God puts on our hearts.
My husband and I are trying to decide between Lifetime Adoption in CA or Angel Adoption Inc in Cary, IL. Please PM or email to let us know your good or bad experiences.
Thanks so much!
My husband and I are considering multiple paths towards domestic adoption (preferably an Af-Am girl). If you have any experience with Lifetime or Adoptions Together can you please PM me? Thanks in advance!
Hi there,
You're interested in Lifetime? Have you spoken with them before to find our more information or are you inquiring before you apply? In my experience Lifetime is open and honest with families at the get go. They have to review your application for acceptance, if they feel what you are looking to adopt is too narrow; they will let you know. Also, if they feel it's narrow but they've done it before, they'll warn you with narrow preferences that it could take longer. Did you have any specific questions? My experience has been very good. I follow one of the coordinators on facebook Jen Donnelly i'm always loving her posts about the comments families make to her. All of the women at Lifetime are very loving and I feel the best part is they all have the heart for your adoption.
I don't believe her page is blocked, I included the link if you wanted to check it out. [url][/url]
let me know if there is anything I can answer for you.
my husband and I are beginning our adoption journey. I found this forum and wanted to ask about Lifetime Adoptions. I am African-American and my husband is white. We are interested in biracial and AA adoptions of newborns. If anyone has information about Lifetime that they could PM me with, I would be really appreciative.
Thank you and good luck on your journey.
My husband and I are looking to adopt and would like to know your experiences with Lifetime. Please PM me with that information. Thank you!
Good evening,
My husband and I have recently started researching domestic adoption of an AA infant or toddler. We are concerned about the costs to adopt and all of the information out there is so overwhelming. We have two biological children already and we cannot spend 30K+ on fees. Can anyone offer advice and an affordable way to find the child we want to complete our family. Also, can anyone provide any feedback to me about lifetime by pm.
I am thinking of using lifetime. Has anyone had any experience good or bad. I am a single female hoping to adopt a newborn.
Everything about this facilitator screams fishy.
If you are considering Lifetime Adoption I highly suggest doing your homework.
Keep in mind, this is a business that generates income. Do not make an emotional decision, please be very thoughtful when considering your adoption route. I applied to their free application, listened to 5 hours of their webinars, scoured the web for reviews and did a lot of my own research. I can tell you that in my research I was honest with myself on what I was noticing and what ultimately happened was that there are MANY red flags.
- Suggested material they encourage you to learn from are biased. Webinars are internally based because it is from the employees with no outside resources. The book advertised on their website written by the owner is sold by a book company which is under a different name. However, after going with my gut instinct to not go any further with Lifetime, I cancelled my order of the book and called both the different phone numbers listed on the invoice. Both numbers lead me to Lifetime Adoption except one of the phone numbers was answered as Lifetime and the other phone number was answered as the book company name, both answered by the exact same person. It gave me the chills it was so creepy!! The webinars are very sales-like in my opinion, "it's never too soon to apply" and the constant idolizing of the owner of the business left me feeling like this is not a credible company. Some of the material I agreed with, however, I could read between the lines that much of what they preach is based on what they know makes them money. They claim that it is based on what they know works for a quick and successful match, but based on all the surrounding factors I have my own opinions.
- After doing additional research on the differences of facilitators and agencies I learned that facilitators are illegal in some states. Why are they illegal if there wasn't something that they were known for that caused them to become illegal to begin with? Also, the webinar that went over what type of company they were, was actually eye-opening to me. What was stated was that if your state does not permit a facilitator that Lifetime Adoption will provide someone within their company who can legally continue the process in that state and not to worry. So...wait? They are a facilitator masquerading as an agency in some states??? Hmm. RED FLAG! While I am sure they have to do things the legal route in those states, I just find it incredibly odd that they try to play as both but act as a facilitator everywhere else. If using a facilitator is illegal in those states then it is not right to operate by using a backdoor or loophole in those same states.
- In learning about facilitators I found that generally they are small businesses with few employees not regulated by the state. Essentially they can operate however they want. It seemed to be confirmation when the same people doing the webinars were the same people answering the phones and my emails.
- My biggest concern were reviews across the internet where adoptive moms were victimized when they did absolutely EVERYTHING they could do the right way and yet waited years, spending thousands waiting and when they asked Lifetime why it was taking so long they were told they needed to be more faithful and pray harder/more diligently. Did they hear the mother's prayers? Do they know her heart? As a woman of faith, I completely understand the meaning of waiting patiently. But what I do not agree with is using that as an excuse to hide behind why they cannot provide a baby in so many years when people are shelling out more money than they honestly should have because they trusted the company. I have to believe these complaints because it came from more than one person online when I dug deeper. If this business is not in it just for the money, then they should restructure. If the finances spent that year did not produce a baby, allow it to cycle over to the next year or for a complete or partial refund when things don't work out. I guarantee you adoptive parents do not want to wait. Why make them feel worse by keeping their money?! There needs to be accountability. Allow the adoptive parents to see that a number of birth moms have received their info or find a way to be more transparent if anything else.
- This is an era that bases opinions on reviews so why is the review section on Facebook hidden unless there is a reason?? Reputable companies allow reviews for all to see. Reviews in other locations have been reported to have been deleted. Interesting, yet another red flag.
These were just a few among many other issues I took with this company. I do believe there are success stories that come about this business but in the grand scheme of things I backed out in order to protect my own family. I do not have thousands of dollars to potentially throw down the drain and I'd rather save my family the heartache. We plan to go with an agency.
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I got from the born really strange and not the greatest skin, so skincare has always been veeeery difficult for me.
I tried to use some balms and essential oils but nothing helped a lot. But then i find and that kind of staff helped me a little bit. That cream really demonstrated for me a quick effect and convincing results.