Hey there, I just wanted to see if anyone was still pursuing Kazakhstan for adoption and what people's perspective was on the ongoing delays. I have to admit, I'm pretty discouraged, hoping that they will open but just keep hearing negative news.
I think one of the hard things about adoption is doing it by yourself, so I'd love to hear from people and see where everyone is at!
Thanks :)
Still here with you!!!
The old Kazakhstan Adoption policy was a 3 month Mandatory In Country stay or story!!
If Kazakhstan would Advocate in the Best Interests of Orphans finding Families for always it will be very Awesome!!
Well worth our wait!!
Thank you Juli!
Any other thoughts?
Also, this went around a while ago, but if anyone is blogging, I'd love to read about your journey! I don't think this site posts that anywhere (or I just haven't seen it.) But our blog is: [url=]The Luippolds[/url]
I'd love to read yours!
Have you Subscribed to, or read the Adoption Blogs yet ??
That are 2 down from this posting from or by. ' Little Roos Mama ' please??
Yes, thanks! I haven't had much success with official blogs on this site, seems like most of them are pretty old. I'd love to see blogs of other families considering Kaz, or Kyrgyzstan, who are in process or waiting right now. There have been negative articles in the Kaz press lately concerning adoptions, but this morning there were two positive ones, so that is a good sign-I hope!
[url=]Sexually abused orphan from Kazakhstan gets new foster family. People.[/url]
[url=]Update on Kazakhstani orphans brought to Africa. People.[/url]
Yes, we signed with an agency last year, but still not a lot of other people focused on Kaz. There are only (I think) three agencies accredited there and I have spoken to and researched all of them. If you want any info-feel free to PM me :)
We gave up on Kaz and we are home with two kiddos from China. :)
just giving an update. :moped: :moped: :moped: