This question may have been asked and answered before but here goes:
We need a reference letter from one of our neighbors for our home study, the problem is, although weve lived here 4 years,most of our neighbors only moved into the neighborhood within the last year. Although we say hello on the street we are not close enough to any of our neighbors (old or new) to feel comfortable asking for a reference letter. Any suggestions?
Also, does anyone have an example of a reference letter from a neighbor?
I had a similar problem about not really knowing my neighbors- I just explained to the home study people that I really didn't know my Current neighbors that well ( it happens) so I went ahead and got about 5 or 6 letters from past neighbors ( with all their contact info right on it) to make up for it- I think that impressed the person doing the home study ( I had about 12-14 written references to hand him- he only asked for 3, but I gave them all to him anyway)
I ask my references to tell briefly how they knew us, what they thought about the strength and integrity of our marriage and our unique personalities.
How narrowly do they define neighbor? Could it be someone from church/work/card club, etc.?
It seems that they are looking for someone who's observed you in some different environments and who thinks you'll be a good parent.