Customs and cultural expectations....
Can someone tell me some customs that they have in Guatemala? Thanks Smile
I was told about this site about a week ago. The reason I am passing it along on this thread is that it gives some great aspects of culture and customs in Guatemala. There is a lot to read and a lot of photos to look at, but there is a ton of local information regarding Guatemala on this site.

This site also has a photo a day of Antigua along with a story a day. Today's story is not a great story, but if you go the the next few stories on the page it has some great information about Christmas in Guatemala.

[url=]Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo[/url]

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I just checked out this site and LOVE it !!!! Thank you so much for posting it!!!!!!!:flowergift:
Thanks for sharing again Michelle. It took me back to my recent visit. Also had a link to a recipe for tamales! Made my mouth water.

This is a great site.

Kissing on the cheek and hugging, this is common in most latin american countries as well as europe. People will great you with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Also you need to look neat, not overly done up but neat, clean and presentable. Men actually hold doors for you and expect that you walk before them they will be slightly to your side. They great Buenos dias in the morning, buenos tardes after lunch and buenos noches at dinner time. When you meet someone say "Con mucho gusto" aka with much pleasure.

They love to talk about family. Also bring a few gifts for people that are important you'll meet. Remember that time frames aren't as important to them as it is to us, there is no real hurry to do anything.

When shopping in the markets you are expected to bargain, I used the 10% down rule at first to get used to it.

I dunno just be the best you can be, smile and laugh, that goes a long way! also check out this great travel guide from GuatAdopt

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