Hi everyone! Welcome to the newest addition to the Forums, Local Adoption Connections.
Please take a minute to tell us a little about yourself. Are you married? Do you have Children, if so, what are their ages? Share with us some of your favorite things about living in this area. Whats your favorite restaurant? Do you belong to any Adoption Support Groups in your area? Help us all get to know you better and start making local friends with like interests!
Hello from Terrie, I am an adoptive mom of 4 one daughter now 26, and three sons now ages 21, 16 and 6. We have one biracial child and the other three are caucasion. That does lead to some interesting discussions as that is our youngest child and he feels in his words we need another brown child in our home. :)
I have worked with United thru adoption an adoption support group in Lincoln but it has been very queit for a long time. I am the founder and just have not had alot of time nor interest. Its a group for open and private adoption. I am also a volunteer adoption specialist for Adopt america network helping place older and special needs kids. They help mostly foster children find forever homes no matter what challenges the child or siblings may have. I am also married for 25 years to Kelly my college sweetheart. :)
I look forward to hearing from the many members of this group. Hoping to see many join soon. Blessings
I'm Amy. I'm an adoptee and b-mom. I am now married to a wonderful man. We share 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl ages 17 down to 12. I also have a step-daughter, age 18, in Texas, and my husband has a son, age 15, in the Panhandle of Nebraska. At least, that's where he was, last we knew. My son relinquished him in what was supposed to be a "semi-open" adoption after the b-mom's rights were terminated, but we haven't heard from the a-parents since he was about 4. They have told other relatives that they want us to wait for contact until he (they) are ready, so we're being patient.
Lately, my husband and I have been discussing becoming foster parents for special needs babies, esp those born either drug-addicted or HIV positive. I know it would be a HUGE change in our lives, so we're still very early in the 'discussion' phase.
I'm not part of any support groups. There aren't any around here. You might say I haven't looked (and you'd be right), but when you live 35 miles from McDonald's, and 72 miles from Wal Mart, it's prett safe to say there's not much out here, lol.
Any way, I too look forward to seeing more posts from the Husker state!
My husband and I have bio-children from our previous marriages, 5 total, ages 14, 12, twins 7, and 6. The older 2 live with us, the younger live with their bio-mom.
We have recently been asked to consider adopting the unborn child of a long-time family friend (this child is the great grandchild of my father's best friend). It would be an open adoption, which is how I would want it to be, as there is no way we could not see these people, as they have been part of my life since birth! The birth mom has been unemployed and semi-homeless for 5 years, along with being an addict. She is about to be sentenced for drug charges. She has tested negative for drugs since she found out she was pregnant, but there is still a risk of issues for the baby. That would not matter to us.
We live in the Panhandle area of Nebraska and have not been able to find any home study agencies here. Any suggestions?