Okay, trying to get a new therapist and a psych eval for T(cause it will make a good case study in 10 years and a nice aliby for him when I'm dead-according to his psych doc). We have these care plans that go with our medicaid cards but for mental health, my kids can just use the straight medicaid. However, the billing people do not understand this. Over half their stupid practice is billed this way. So, I give up. Apparently, he's done with therapy and I'll just have to manage him on my own. Not like it was going to fix his issues anyway since he isn't interested. It was really to help me get different services for him.
That sounds alot like my day. B needed his meds refilled, so I called every pharmacy around here, except 1 . None of them takes Ga medicaid. They still havn't gotten him switched here yet.
Anyways my mom told me to call hers (it was the very 1, that I didn't call before). I explained what was going on, and the pharamcist told me to come out there.
When I got there he told me that he would fill it, even if they didn't take Ga's medicaid. So he did, but while I was waiting he told me that he had been a foster parent and had 21 kids through his home, and adopted one of them. He also told me that if B's medicaid didn't go through, he was GIVING him his meds.
I thanked him and he told me that if my son needed anything, to come see him. I left with such an awe of this man. He actually cared about B. I could have paid for it, but he didn't even ask me to.
It's a great feeling to know that some people care about people, rather than making money.
Wow, that's great that you found someone willing to help. My therapist that quit just emailed to see if he could start coming out. Must have run into one of the state workers that I told he quit without notice. My youngest raged for 4 hours tonight. We've decided that dh and I are going to have to split up so S and D don't have to live with T anymore. We just can't do this anymore as it's causing too much damage to the younger kids. I can't get anyone to move T so guess we split up for everyone's sanity. Guess we spend the weekend figuring out who lives where.
I'm so glad your therapist finally came through. Hopefully you can get moving on a placement. So sorry to hear about your young ones. Its very hard to watch an unhealthy kid cause the healthy ones to revert. I'm really sorry.
Oh Lucy... sheesh. I don't even know what to say... Good luck this weekend and my thought will be with you. I hope you can get something worked out that's workable...
The phrase "stupid insurance" is a redundancy, isn't it? I mean, isn't anything having to do with insurance automatically assumed to be stupid? (This has been my conclusion, having had my own insurance issues.)
Lucy, won't someone (RTC, other lock down institution) take T if his presence is doing harm to the family? Have you called the Wonder Foster Parent Association that helped before? This is just insane.
I would suggest that one of your helpful neighbors have T move in with them, but that would keep him in the same neighborhood, so not really a good solution.
Hoping that something sane works into your life soon. :flowergift:
Lucy, I don't have any advice. I just wanted to send you ALOT of hugs and prayers, that you can find a solution that will work for you.
can't you have him declared mentally insane and committed?
My experience is that it is very difficult to have someone declared mentally insane. They must be an immediate threat to themselves or someone else at the time in order to be committed. Or you must have a doctor recommend it. And even then, its usually short term commitment.
wow...I'm so sorry! You have exhausted so much time, energy, money and sanity trying to do the job of 199 people!
Let me know if there's anything I can do.
Sure wish I had something helpful to say! Thinking of you, sending you a virtual hug (((hug))) and hoping that soon there'll be a light at the end of the tunnel that's not an oncoming train!!! :wings: