Hi all!
My husband and I live in Omaha and are adopting internationally from Poland. I just wanted to try to connect with anyone else that may be going through international adoption as well. I've not met many people locally that are embarking on this crazy journey.
If you want to have someone to connect with or chat with about it, feel free to send me a message. Or we can post our processes and adventures on here.
I've started a blog about our adoption, feel free to check it out, or pass it on to anyone interested:
[URL=""]5150 Miles to Motherhood[/URL]
Hi...I was reading online to see who all was from the Nebraska area...we're in Lincoln.
I see that you're adopting from Poland. What made you decide on that country and how long will your wait be?
We've decided to adopt domestically but considered Guatemala for a moment!
Which agency in NE are you working with....just curious! We're with ALWW.
Talk to you later,