Hi NJ gals!
We're in Flemington, Hunterdon County. It's sort of central-western NJ. We have bio identical twin boys and we will be waiting for a baby girl from Guatemala as soon as our I171H arrives.
Hi! I am also Central Jersey...Milltown in Middlesex County. Hubby and I recently adopted domestically. Our daughter was born November 22, 2006 at RWJ in New Brunswick, only 10 minutes from our home. We were matched through our agency with our birthparents 2 months prior to DD's arrival. We are hoping to maintain an open adoption with letters and pics and visits in the future. She is our first child and long awaited but so worth it! She is the love of our lives!!
I'm new to this and am not sure if this is where I should post...I have heard that a fairly large New Jersey licensed agency has lost their license in three states. What happens to their clients? What if this agency completed your home study? Can you get it released to you? Thank you. Feel free to PM me, if you can.
Hello all-
I'm copying this post from another thread.
I'm in the early stages of writing a feature article about prospective adoptive parents who are doing creative things to finance their adoptions, i.e., selling baked goods, hosting car wash fundraisers, second jobs, etc.
It's an increasingly relevant story as the economy declines and traditional funding options grow harder to come by. The plan is to place the feature with a high-circulation regional or national magazine.
If you found creative ways to pay for your adoption, or are currently trying to raise money creatively or know someone who is, I'd like to hear about it. I especially welcome stories from folks in NY/NJ/PA/CT, but will consider stories outside the NE. The deadline for reaching me is Tuesday 3/3.
Take care,
Jessie Beauchaine
Columbia University
Graduate School of Journalism
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