Journeys of the Heart Adoption Agency
Does anyone have any feedback on this agency? I've been doing my research and this agency keeps popping up. I'm interested in their RMI program.

I will pm you with our experience.
Could I hear your experience too???
Jaymo, can we hear your experience too. Please pm us if possible, we are in the beginning stages at looking at agencies for Taiwan, and are considering Journeys.
I'm in their domestic program....please feel free to PM me for my experience and feedback.
I am also seeing their name frequently, have you had any responses yet?
I really need to have any information you found...we are thinking about a little girl they have and this is ALL OF A SUDDEN and I know nothing aobut them.

Run quickly
Stay away from JOH domestic program. Since the new coordinator has taken over their practices have become shady and questionable. We adopted through them several years ago. Some issues popped up; however, when our child's birthmom wanted us to adopt her next child, things got very weird.
They brag they have open adoptions, but they are the gate keeper of what is open.
They refused to pass on on contact info to the birthmom and would not let us talk with her unless we unequivocally agreed to adopt the new baby. Even though we still had unanswered questions.
RUN. If you live in Oregon call Robin Pope, attorney, in Portland for help. She's great and honest.
Looking for info on RMI and agency info. What type of relative contact is required?

Could you PM me too?? Very interested in knowing more about Journey's of the Heart.

Journey's of the Heart Experience
Hello, could you please PM me also? I am interested in your experience/information with Journey's of the Heart.

Thank you,

In general, you will meet the birthmother when you are in the country to complete your adoption. You and she may or may not decide to continue contact.

Could you please pm me with your experience as well. Am looking into this agency.
I would like info as well.

I am also interested in experiences with this agency. Thanks!

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