I read a previous post from an adoptee a/b finding the right gift to give birthfamily members... thought I might find an answer to my question... but notsomuch.
I have been reunited with my birthmother via phone and letters for over a month. We are going to be face to face just before Christmas. OUR BOND IS UNBELIEVABLY strong. I want to give her a gift for Christmas - we've already traded pics - already sent nice letters and cards... I WANT TO GIVE HER SOMETHING... something that symbolizes that she has always been in my heart... something that symbolizes the end of our journey seeking each other.
ANY THOUGHTS? Money is not an issue... finding the right thing is!
May I suggest a beaded bracelet with yours and hers birthstone colors. If you have any sibs those could be on it also. I have been reunited two years now and last year for Mother's Day I gave my first mom a beaded bracelet which included the birthstone colors of her, my sister, my sister's four children, my two children and me. It had nine colored beads in all with silver between. She absolutely loved it. Just an idea.
I treasure a hand painted card my birthgrandkids made..
I treasure a book of pictures of them.. bound and printed and words written in it.. saying we think of you often..
I love to send them books.. I love it because I choose the books.. what I want to say.. in the books..
How about a Christmas ornament of a heart or mother and child? Very symbolic but not over the top either.
Kind regards,
This is my first Christmas with my b-mom and b-sister. I have a very tight budget so I bought my sister something she told mom she wanted and I actually made the one for mom. It's a poem, telling her that she's always been in my heart even though I never saw her in person. It has hearts and MOM written in big letters across the top. I'm thinking about posting it in the poetry section.
I'm also getting it framed for her. Then as a surprise I'm going to spend a weekend with her and my sister for Christmas.
I'm afraid she won't like my gift though..
I'm afraid she won't like my gift though.
I would love it.. I have a special place where I put the beautiful from my bson and family..
I look at them and have great joy.. Its a sense of knowing he is okay.. and feeling good about that part of my life.. Feeling that maybe what I did was right.. and not wrong..
I posted the poem under adult adoptees adoptive poetry if anyone wants to take a look. It's not really poetic but it's from my heart.
I've been talking to my b-mom via email and I'm sitting at work almost in tears from the happy things between us!
Maybe my night crying is over.
Cherie, you already answered your own question. Get her a 14 ct. gold charm bracelet and add charms that represent all of her children. However, if your birth siblings cannot afford as expensive a gift, do it in sterling silver. The charms can be about sib interests, like a horse if someone rides or a soccer ball for the athletic child. This gives her something that represents the total circle of her life but doesn't encroach on the financial standing--and future relationships with your birth siblings. A long time from now, you will want to have your birth sibs in your life, so respect their place with a creative, thoughtful, family heirloom that demonstrates your love, yet keeps peace in the family.
When i started thinking about a gift for my Bmom I talked to my brother and he said that she was very difficult to shop for. He said that every year he asks her what she wants and she replies don't get me anything.
I thought about a gift certificate, however that seemed a little lame, even though no matter what gift I was going to give her she would be happy no matter what.
After thinking about it I decided to give her a Christmas ornament with a photo of my Bmom, Brother, as well as Myself taken two weeks after the reunion. So I started looking at the photo bulbs available at local camera shops, Office Depot, etc, etc. I really didn't like the ones that were available so I started looking online when I came across "The Stocking Factory". [url=]Personalized Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Stockings by Stocking Factory[/url]
I purchased the Bulb with the pine berries with gold trim as well as the break resistant Bohemian Glass. I decided to get her two just in case one had an accident. Above the photo the bulb said "Our First Christmas". Then below the Photo it had 2007. I would show you aphoto of the ornament however my camera decided to take the holidays off this year.
She loved it!
I also gave her some cookies that I baked: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Apple Cinamon Oatmeal, Fudgy Peanut Butter Bars, As well as 7 Different kinds of thumbprint cookies including: Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal thumbprints drizzled with Chocolate, Rasberry & Hazelnut, Blueberry, Chocolate Expresso & Almonds with Black Currant, Pistacio with Orange Marmalade & Chocolate drizzle, Lime Basil & Lavender with Lemon Curd, White Chocolate Coconut with Lime curd & Toasted Coconut.
Christmas went fairly well, all though my ADad was having a little bit of a tough time dealing with it because this was the second Christmas without my AMom and he spent quite a bit of time with my Aunt who was my AMoms best friend since childhood & she lost her husband just before Christmas last year, not to mention the reunion.
Up until the holidays he had accepted every invitation that my BMom had extended to him however he backed out of one invitation and turned down another.
My BMom said that she understands and that she will continue to include him whenever she has a get together.
I'm going to give her another Christmas Ornament next year however next year I will design the Ornament myself using Photoshop as well as a couple of 3D programs that I use.
My Fiancee' couldn't figure out exactly what he wanted to give to his BMom for their First Christmas, since he had just met her about six weeks prior to that. He knew that she is a very Religious person, so he ended up getting her a beautiful 10K Gold, diamond cross necklace and a photo album of pictures from when he was first adopted to current day. She seemed to like them both. When her birthday came after Christmas, he picked out a beautiful, Religious Musical Globe, which she truly loved, as it happened to play her favorite Religious Hymn. Now that Mother's Day is coming up, we have to decide on something else now, not sure what yet.
It seems difficult to choose, when your just getting to know a person.
I think that flowers are always nice for Mothers' Day.
Thanks. Yes and delivered to the house. Everyone loves that.