I was born 12-05-68 in Winston-Salem, N.C. at Forsyth Memorial Hospital to a 15 yr, old girl and a 17 yr. boy. She was 5'3 and weighed 98 lbs. This is the only information that I have. I was adopted at age 2 by a wonderful family. It is very obvious why I was placed for adoption, but I would love to meet my biological mother and anyone else in my biological family. I have stared in the mirror for 39 years and wondered who I look like. Actually, I have wondered many things!! My adotion records are sealed, and there is no information available to me. Not even medical. If anyone can help me, please let me know. I would be eternally grateful. thank you, Crystal
I am completing my research project for my master's program (MBA) at Strayer
University and
would like for you to complete my survey. The direct link to my survey is listed
below. [url=]Adoption-related confidential intermediary services in North Carolina Survey[/url]
My topic explores the opinions of adoptees and the general public regarding Adoption- related confidential intermediary, adoption registries and private investigator services in N.C.
I could email you a letter from my professor Dr. Craig Kung validating this research project if you like.
Thank you in advance for assisting me with your responses.
Katrina Freeman RN, BSN, CCM
Strayer University graduate MBA student
RTP (Raleigh) , N.C Campus