Please share pictures of your announcements.. If you have any suggestions on where to find really cute ones, please PM me.. please do not post direct links here! Thanks!!!! :prop:
I was not feeling inspired as far as designing a card, so I took the easy way out. I put their Christmas photo on a "photo card" at, and enclosed it with my Christmas cards. The number of words was so limited! I ended up with something like this: "Intruducing my gifts / [their names] / welcomed home forever on October 12, 2007."
Some may think this was awful, but honestly, I could not think of a way to describe the change in my life/family on a piece of paper. Especially not one that was going to "all and sundry." I am creative but tend to be extremely private about my own feelings.
For the "inner circle," I am hoping to compile something more meaningful and much longer - I am picturing a book that includes photos, songs, bible verses, and other tidbits that describe the emotional ups and downs of the adoption process and the experience of having the girls come home. This will be a longer-term project, though.
I used a website for both the boys' announcements. I submitted the photos via email, they emailed me drafts....I really liked their customer service and final product. I'll PM you the name.
Can you guys PM me links too? I've been searching the net and can't find any that strike a cord.
I was really happy with mine. I PMed those of you who asked for the vendor/website. (i did black out my last name for privacy - but you get the idea!)
We are leaving Wednesday for pick-up. I can hardly stand the wait to hold my little boy once again and forever. I want to get announcements out soon after we arrive home so I was just thinking about this same topic and Viola! I would like to be PM'd on any of these too, if you get a moment. Thanks so much!
We mailed ours a few weeks after being home. I thought I would get them out sooner, but found that I was too busy and it just took me that long. I think any time you can find the time to get them out is just fine!!
Here is ours, the photo was on the outside of the card and the wording was on the inside of a bi-fold card.....I got so many phone calls of people telling me how touched they were by the annoucement..PM me if you want the website.
I designed mine before I left for Guatemala and then uploaded the photo from Guatemala on our pick-up trip.
I ordered them on a Sunday night and recevied them by Thursday. I had mailed them out by Friday. I was kind of a nerd and preprinted the address labels before we went for was worth putting the time in before, because when we arrived home it was just total chaos, lol.