We know a baby needing adoption through a family that is friends of ours. The baby has the potential of literally being dropped off in our care and apparently the Cuyahoga County Probate Court has a process where we can just file for gaurdianship and as long as the teenage mother signs off on her parental rights it will be finalized in six months after the homestudy is completed. No attorneys or agencies are required.
Am I playing with fire to do this with out an attorney?
What are the consequences and are they likely to happen as long as we follow precedure?
I am currently in the end stages of adopting my baby girl. as of 9-22-08. we went through county the whole way, we do not have to use an attorney, because in the county of cuyahoga, where we live, the county does not require one. If i were you I would talk to an attorney and have the borthmother possibly sign a contract but from my experience the adoption will take longer than 6 months. it takes 6 to 12 months for the homestudy to be done, along with the kinship care givers adoption classes you will have to take to be certified to adopt, then you have al the social wokers, one for you and 1 or 2 for the baby, then there is a staffing, where the social workers even though they already know where the baby will be placed and stay, they have to all agree that this is the right home for the baby, then there is the question of a monthly subsiby, do you or do you not want one. then you wait for the court date. so please do not get mad or bent out of shape when 6 months comes and goes and you still don't even have a court date yet.
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we have had our daughter since 11-2-07 and the final court date is 9-22-08, and the birthmother mother passed away on 12-24-08. so the time was not delayed by family in the way.......