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New Members Seeking Feedback
To Request agency feedback, browse the thread for the agency name you want feedback on and then PM as many members as you would like regarding the agency they have listed on this thread.
Keep in mind, when requesting feedback from members, that there are many steps in the process of adoption. Some members offering feedback may or may not have reached the end of their adoption journey; please keep that in mind when requesting information.
To Provide Feedback
To add your name to the list to provide feedback on your first hand experiences with an agency, please post the agency name, city and state that you have first hand experience with on this thread.
EXAMPLE: XYZ Agency Anytown, USA
Please donҒt post anything to this tread other than the name of the agency, the city and the state in order to minimize confusion! If you used two agencies for placement/homestudy please indicate that in the following format:
XYZ Agency Anytown, USA - Placement
ABC Agency Anytown, USA - Homestudy
If you only used ONE agency, you should only be posting in the following format:
XYZ Agency Anytown, USA
Posts that do not follow the above two formats will be deleted without warning!
To make searching the thread easier,please remove your signature/timelines when posting by clicking on the option at the bottom of the screen! Thank you!
If at a later date you wish to have your name removed from the list, please PM me, and I will remove it.
The Moderators wont be editing Posts; Posts that donҒt follow the guidelines will be deleted!.