Introducing the 9th East Meets West China Adoption Conference
Washington, DC / Baltimore, MD - April 18, 2009
Sheraton Columbia Hotel
10207 Wincopin Circle
Columbia, MD 21044
Registration Opens at 7:00AM
Conference 8:00AM - 5:00PM
"East Meets West" is a national adoption conference dedicated to Chinese adoption in the U.S. It is intended for all adoptive families, regardless of adoption agency or stage in the adoption process. It is your chance to hear from top medical, legal, and financial planning professionals, award winning authors, Chinese Officials, adoptive families, and many other experts in the field of adoption.
This event combines the best of the Chinese adoption world in order to bring adoption education to as much of the country as possible. This one-day conference will help educate families on China's international adoption program. The event will fully explore pre-adoption, in-process, and post-adoption topics.
Attendees are educated on subjects that include: international adoption, re-adoption, bonding and attachment, medical issues related to international adoption, multicultural families, and adoption tax benefits. Upon completion of the conference, you will receive a certificate stating your completion of 8 hours of Hague training.
Who should attend:
[*]Families and individuals interested in alternatives to natural child birth
[*]Those interested in Chinese culture
[*]Adoptive families - (at the beginning, middle, end of process or just thinking about adoption)
[*]Adoption Professionals
[*]Social Workers
[*]Home Study agencies
[*]Adoption agencies
[*]Infertility specialists
[*]Family counselors/therapists
[*]Support Group leaders
Attendee Benefits:
[*]Exposure to THE experts on International adoption (medical, legal, Chinese officials, social workers, community leaders, adoption agency workers, etc.)
[*]Interaction with other families in various stages of the adoption process
[*]Resolve questions about adoption vs. natural child birth
[*]Face to face contact with Chinese officials
[*]Meet an orphanage director who gives his/her personal account of life in an orphanage
[*]Receive a parent training certificate to use for state requirement
[*]Make professional contacts in the field of adoption
[*]Learn about Chinese adoption policy
[*]Get an in-depth knowledge of Chinese adoption and culture
[*]Receive a $50 discount off your Great Wall application fee
[*]Satisfy 8 hours of HAGUE training
Tote Bag
You will receive a handy East Meets West tote bag that you can keep all your conference goodies in from our sponsors and exhibitors!
Registration for the East Meets West Conference includes attending two keynote speaker presentations and five additional sessions on a variety of adoption topics from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm. Included in the registration fee is the opportunity to speak with conference exhibitors and speakers, continental breakfast, gourmet lunch, and snack break.
Dinner registration is now open! Join us the night before the conference at Jesse Wong's Hong Kong for our traditional Friday Night Dinner. This dinner is hosted in honor of Chinese officials and visiting guests from China. It also gives conference attendees a chance to meet and network with each another.
Families walk out of the China adoption conference amazed and empowered by the wealth of information they receive from "East Meets West. Join us for an in-depth and informative day exclusively focused on Chinese adoption and you.
East Meets West is hosted and co-sponsored by Great Wall China Adoption, an internationally recognized leader in Chinese adoption, placing children exclusively from China. Great Wall also commits itself to various charitable projects in China to improve the lives children left behind in the orphanages.
For more information about the East Meets West Conference and to register, please visit [url=]Registration for East Meets West | East Meets West[/url] or email
We hope to see you there!