Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana.
I challenge you all to keep an eye on this young man.
He is a genius.
He is committed.
He is courageous.
And his time is coming.
I'm hoping for Huckabee or Romney again, leaning toward Huckabee since I've been seeing more of him, but I'd vote for Jindal too.
I'm already passing Bobby Jindal's name around (thumbs up Bcelli!! And thanks for the heads up!!). He's the guy to watch :)
I too like Huckabee and Romney. I lean more toward Huckabee in basic principle's, but Romney has a great economic mind. Bobby Jindal is my man, though. Listening to him speak is a deliberate process beacuse if you don't pay attention, you're going to miss something important.
Thank you, Bcelli. I just did some research on your man -- from what I've learned so far, I'm extremely impressed. Will keep my eye on him and read further. There is much that I already can admire about him. Hope he continues on an upward swing.