moving out of state with foster/adopt kids
Is it possible to move to another state while going through the process of adopting a child from the state your currently live in?
I don't know. I would recommend asking the cw, your certifier or your adoption worker.
We were not permitted to until the adoption was finalized. This was in VA.
If there hasn't been a TPR, I'd guess the answer would be no, especially if visits are still ongoing. There's no way they'd let a kid go out of state while some attempt at reunification is still ongoing.

If you're post-TPR and just haven't finalized yet, they may be more flexible. I'd ask your SW.
It is not unheard of for a foster child to be placed in another state, but it is rare and usually only with family.

Until TPR, the birth parent has a right to visitation. This usually prohibits a foster child from moving out of state. Plus - the foster family would have to have a homestudy completed and approved in the new state.

Our son was placed with his first foster family when he was four months. They were a wonderful family and wanted to adopt him. They moved out of state when he was eleven months and he was placed with us. Once he was in our home, we had priority in the choice to adopt.

Good luck.
In my case, I am in Maine and relocating to North Carolina. It is my understanding that once the TPR is complete and you have been identified as the adoptive resource, you may leave the state, if and only if, the only thing pending is finalization... meaning pretty much that there is only a slim to nothing chance that the adoption would NOT happen. My caseworker informed me that it is very common and can be done as long as we are close to finalization. I've never heard of it being done while there were still reunification efforts.
TPR is supposedly going to happen in Dec.on mom, has already been done on dad. there are no visits, parents are in prison.
Thank you all for the responses!!!
Sounds like things are progressing. If you're really lucky, they'll expedite your adoption instead of going through ICPC!
yes it is. we did it. you can actually get permission to do it prior to tpr(in some circumstances), but then they have to notify the parents where their child went. to keep some level of anonymity, our caseworker asked us to wait until tpr....bc then we did not have to notify them. we left maybe 2 weeks after...and long before hte appeal period was even up. it is completely possible. it happens.

the problem will be in your new state. my old state had already approved us...we had taken all our classes, prints, etc. our new state wanted us to start OVER. so...we had to go all the way back to square one....which in essence means, once we ARE able to finalize...we probably spent an extra 10 months in process because we didn't wait 4 months in our old state to finalize. for us, it was the best we could do AND keep our fmaily we made some sacrifices....but it is crappy to start over.

the icpc approval was painless. it took maybe 2 weeks....while we were in old state anyway...there seemed to be some sort of delay, but when i asked where i'd leave the baby if i couldn't take him, the icpc mysteriously came the next day....1 whole day before we left. the hardest part was once we were here, new state ignored us for over 3 months....lost time, and then we found out we had to start over. i guess if there were a way for you to stay put, that would be best for your actual adoption...but if there is not, talk to your worker, they should be able to work it all out.
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