Social Security Card
Can someone please tell me how long it takes to get a SS card in LA County? Our son adoption was finalized in Sept 2007. We don't have the amended birth certificate.....I know this has been addressed before, but I can't find the answer. Who do I need to call?
Thanks for any info
Social security website
Here is the Social Security website and information about applying.
[url=]Social Security Number and Card[/url]

You can download the application and either turn it into a local office or mail it in.

It was really fast to get a duplicate card for FD. I don't know if it's your first one.

It's pretty easy to make an appointment. Here's the telephone number from the SS website:

By calling 1-800-772-1213, you can use our automated telephone services to get recorded information and conduct some business 24 hours a day.

If you cannot handle your business through our automated services, you can speak to a Social Security representative between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Good luck!
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